Round 2?

June 24 2019

Readers may recall that in February this year we all saw that MechaRandom42 and Alec
Peters get into a tussle over Vic Mignogna.

It lead to a couple of crazy days on YouTube with lots of strong words thrown about by both sides, a couple of video deletions and a fashion statement that raised eyebrows.

It was a really crazy time and educational too as I saw the power of YouTube opinion especially as I watched MechaRandom42 get Super Chat after Super Chat and also gifts.

Aside from a comment or two in the months afterward, it appeared that the bickering had come to an virtual end but unfortunately Midnight’s Edge just had to upset the apple cart even if they had no idea they were doing so.

They had released an hour long video with Alec Peters and while that is not unusual, what grabbed attention was that MechaRandom42 made a statement that it was made just before the bickering in February and she supports Midnight’s Edge uploading it.

The comment got people talking and even Alec Peters stopped by to answer some people on that statement and in separate comments.

The interesting thing is that everything said in the video is four months old and a lot of events have unfolded since that time.

So MechaRandom42 made a new video and you can see that below for those who have a spare 15 minutes to view it and flicking through it, it looks like she tells the story of how the bickering started and more.

Hopefully this doesn’t cause another round of craziness as there is already plenty of craziness going around in the Axanar world.

Until next time, be good to each other.


10 thoughts on “Round 2?

  1. On Midnight’s Edge video is a pinned comment from MechaRandom42, saying that this was recorded before Mecha’s fight with Axanar. It’s also evident with some of the things Alec said in ME’s video, like Ares Digital will be operational by the end of February.


    1. It is very strange to release something that is so old.

      Maybe they’re going to do a third part and bring people up to date.

      One thing is for certain, it has not brought Ares Studios a rush of patrons.


      1. He is on the Axamonitor FB, he said that he had, in simple words, PC trouble is the reason for the late release. He seem to not have a good time over there either.


      2. It was an interesting video, the RMB and Bill Hunt one was very informative across the 90 minutes and there was very little Midnight’s Edge in it, a third part definitely should be looked into to bring the listeners up to date on any Axanar information that is now four months old.


      3. Well the latest Axanar Confidential was about volleyball and dogs, spend 10 minutes talking about Vic and if RMB doesn’t settle before Friday, Alec is going to file the lawsuit in LA.

        I’m personally not a fan of Midnight Edge, just more due to his public hate for DSC and his ‘from a source’ that has no base behind it and later found not to be true. It will be more that this is more to be a saving grace that he and others in his youtuber group got used by Alec, to get donations from their fan base, due to their hate for DSC/CBS.

        Just have to look at the comments on the RMB and Bill interview to see that there is no changing their minds about CBS.


      4. Thinking about Axanar and Interlude and all it rest, it makes me wonder what percentage of costs do fan film makers actually pay compared to what fans have to pay?

        Aside from the RMB and Bill video, I haven’t watched Midnight’s Edge, I watched two of MechaRandom42’s videos and it wasn’t my cup of tea so I stay well away from videos that try to find political or social angles in shows as well as making rampant speculation on cast and crew or businesses etc.

        CBS defended the property that is rightly theirs, I wonder if ME etc would be happy if they had an IP and people were making studios and expecting people to pay for the building and the films that are shot there etc using that very IP, probably not.


  2. First, Midnight’s Edge isn’t a “he,” it’s a “they.” Also, I think it’s pretty evident Midnight’s Edge knew exactly what they were doing with the timing of the release of Peters’ interview, MechaRandom’s *pinned* comment on that video, and the swift followup posting of the interview with Rob Burnett and Bill Hunt, which went pretty far in discrediting Peters. Not to mention MechaRandom’s video right after the Peters-Midnight’s Edge interview spotlighting (again) Peters’ misogynist rants against her and pledging her continued “1,000 percent” support of Midnight’s Edge.

    Not to mention that you can reliably predict what the tone and character of Peters’ posts will be to any YouTube comments that criticize him. There’s a reason he’s known on TrekBBS as “Lord Foot in Mouth.”

    This release months after the interviews were recorded was a setup, pure and simple, and Peters walked right into Midnight’s Edge attempt to discredit him (or, rather, allow him to discredit himself).

    As I reported back in February, Midnight’s Edge’s commented on the first MechaRandom-Peters dispute: “If anyone should know how the court of public opinion works … with all he’s dealt with I can’t believe Alec would talk to anyone like this. Just wow. … The chances of us working with Alec again are pretty slim, [to be honest].”

    Slim enough to manipulate him into shooting himself in the foot and sparking another online brouhaha with the large and devoted audience of MechaRandom? You be the judge.


    1. I don’t think the interview has done Alec a whole lot of damage, the first fight between MR42 and Alec did a little bit but Axanar recovered in a week.

      It is interesting that Alec has been hit again and again and again by all sorts of people but Ares Studios still floats, Axanar is still rolling forward and the Axanar franchise is still a franchise.

      People either really loved Prelude that it spoke to their deepest wishes or they really hate CBS for doing what any business would do which is protect their IP when imitations get too close to the real product.

      There’s more to the Midnight’s Edge and Alec Peters story but Midnight’s Edge doesn’t want to say what it was.


      1. Axanar “is still rolling forward’? I may have missed something but my impression was that Axanar Productions had a few dates for late in the year but no recognizable effort in process for the money they say they need to make the shorts. They seem to have Mr Hertzler, maybe Mr Graham but no encouraging word from Ms Vernon. They seem to need a large number of volunteers should they do something in the Fall. Having watched this game for a while, I can attest that Mr Peters can produce plan after plan but the execution seems to be somewhat lacking. At least Jonathan Lane is in action for his film out in the open, whether he succeeds or fails with $19.5K.


      2. It’s more an analysis that despite everything thrown at Axanar and everything that sounds wrong or didn’t happen when pledged, they’re still alive.


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