The Scoreboard

July 2 2019

Let’s see how things are going with Interlude and Ares Studios on the financial front instead of talking about mothers, wives, girlfriends and anybody else that seems to get people rushing to courts or finding a copy of ‘Kung Fu Fighting’ to posture to.


Interlude now requires $10,849 to reach the magic number of $19,500.

The below figures is based on whittling down the total from $10,849 from today.

If average is $25 per day from now = 433.96 days
If average is $50 per day from now = 216.98 days
If average is $75 per day from now = 144.65 days
If average is $100 per day from now = 108.49 days

November 1 is 122 days away so Interlude needs to get an average somewhere between $75 and $100 to make it to November when it is planned to be shot.

It’s not impossible, it depends how often Axanar fans are willing to throw into the pot again and again, the reputation of the co-directors may serve it well and of course Prelude to Axanar even if one of the major players in the game is around for Interlude will also bring it interest.

Ares Studios

The month change over has put a small dint in Ares Studios finances, it went from around $2,208 back down to 2,090.

Ares Studios wants an additional $1,910 to get the $4000 it seeks for rent etc.

Based on the pre drop number average of $9.29 per person, Ares Studios will need another 205.59 people, if people decide to throw in $20 apiece from here on in the number drops below 100 people and so on and so forth.

The bad news for any high payment Patreon effort is that you got to keep paying month after month and if people drop off the averages change

That’s the scoreboard as it stands.


6 thoughts on “The Scoreboard

      1. It basically comes down to the fact that the more money Interlude gets per day, the faster it will reach the finish line.

        If he wants to make November with the full deck of money, he needs close to $100 per day.


    1. It’s like the old Channel 9 broadcasts of cricket when they displayed run rate and they write 5.90 runs per over gets this score and 6.12 runs per over gets that score.

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  1. So many films are vying for the same pot of money. You get to the land of diminishing returns rather quickly.


    1. If two people didn’t kick in $4000 between them, Interlude would be at $4,666 and sit at just under 24% funded.

      The days of relying on the general public to pay for the majority or all of a production is over, Jonathan Lane and other fan film makers may have to open their own wallets and pay the lions share of their own productions themselves.

      It is now the days of go small or go home.


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