Carlos and the Associated Press

July 3 2019

Carlos Pedraza has taken some flak over the years for saying he had worked with the Associated Press.

The flak started up again today on The REAL Truth About Axanar and since it has come up again and again and Jonathan Lane said he could only find one article with Carlos’ byline.

Jonathan required more proof of Carlos’ work before offering more apologies over the issue Carlos and Jonathan were talking about at The REAL Truth About Axanar and so I went to work to see if I could find out more and put the squabble about Carlos credentials/reputation as a reporter to rest no matter if I found something or found nothing.

Since AP doesn’t have an archive, I remembered that newspaper organizations like to share stories so I decided to find a source to go do some research.

I ended up at and went to browse, I then put in Carlos Pedraza and searched nationwide, I then narrowed the search to the 1980’s as Carlos has said he was with the Government for a stretch of time as the Deputy Press Secretary to the Governor of Washington and away I went.

As you hopefully see by the above link, I was presented with a couple of pages of results and all of them say Carlos name and most importantly Associated Press and Seattle.


I have come to the conclusion that Carlos Pedraza worked for the Associated Press and for some time, it should also be noted that Carlos Pedraza’s work as the Deputy Press Secretary can also be found in searches for articles in Washington.

I hope this report settles any debate on the volume of work Carlos done for the AP, hopefully anyone who has challenged his credentials will be satisfied that this report and the research I conducted is 100% solid and true and cannot be countered.

Until next time, be good to each other.

UPDATE: Carlos Pedraza has posted further evidence on The Real Truth About Axanar, included in his evidence are easy to view articles from 1986 and 1987 and the links to them are here, here, here, here, here and here, this evidence backs up our independently found evidence, name and all.


6 thoughts on “Carlos and the Associated Press

    1. I’ll have to settle for Chocolate Bavarian tonight though hopefully it is Apple Pie tomorrow.

      It didn’t take long to find the information, once I remembered that news organizations shared articles it seemed logical to find a site that had a national archive of papers.


  1. I don’t doubt Carlos and his past employment. However he is NOT an accredited journalist writing for Axamonitor. He is a blogger. Nothing wrong with that at all, but he portrays himself as a journalist, and right now he is not one.


    1. Some appear to have had doubted his past employment and it needed to sorted once and for all.

      He’s a blogger who has had journalistic experience and maybe he still is a card carrying journalist.

      Here’s a challenge for you, find me one story in the last twelve months on that you consider incorrect and tell me with all facts and no emotion in as many words as you like why it is incorrect.


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