Interview release delayed

July 23 2019

Those of you who wanted to listen to the interview conducted between Matt Miller and Tom and Andre from Midnight’s Edge to confirm or refute the hysteria that taken place earlier this week will have to wait.

Here is the word from Matt Miller

Following the fantastic news at San Diego Comic Con over the weekend, Trekzone will be holding over the interview with Midnight’s Edge indefinitely.

In its place, Larry Nemecek joins host Matt Miller on Friday for an analysis of the new Picard and Short Treks trailers, the Lower Decks info and previewing next weeks STLV convention – which Trekzone will be attending in person, without any crowd funding campaigns.

This decision was made before the comments of Midnight’s Edge contributor Robb Gallo, but has been reaffirmed by those comments which highlight that channel’s inability to accept any new Trek (especially).

So there we have it, it is what it is despite the feeling of wanting to say more about what has unfolded in recent days.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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