Monitor wrap (31/7/19)

July 31 2019

Carlos Pedraza was accused by Alec Peters in the Real Truth About Axanar group in the early hours of this morning of covering up Vic Mignogna’s alleged sexual misconduct by not reporting about the latest developments.

This is not the first time this has popped up in relation to AxaMonitor as Shawn O’Halloran copped flack on TRTAA for being in a picture with Vic at a past STLV event, also in that picture was Axanar’s Gary Graham with Alec also at the convention.

The problem with the above was that will Shawn was being advertised as a friend of Vic’s when Shawn was just a Star Trek fan who was put in a photo with a bunch of fellow fans and was not friends with Vic.

Carlos knew Vic from working on an episode of New Voyages, the two do not have a friendship as alluded to in the post.

AxaMonitor Daily has covered the case in the past which refutes any claim that Carlos does not cover events.

Meanwhile, it seems Airline Fever has spread as lots of people in the Axanar world is talking about airlines as Alec went over to Las Vegas to do some court business and he flew with Spirit, the person he is in a legal battle with later mentioned what her airline comfort will be.

A lot of people are going to STLV so prepare yourselves to get lots of news from people over there telling us all about the latest Star Trek news and all the various fans getting together, I wonder if Axanar fans and AxaMonitor fans will be meeting in groups?

The blocking hysteria that flared up in AxaMonitor’s FB group has died, the hysteria erupted after a member of Midnight’s Edge came to AxaMonitor and was apparently blocking those who disagreed with him.

Jonathan Lane is trying to get his fundraising efforts for his fan film to $13,500 by August 20, with 20 days to go he is $2,855 short and needs to get at least $142.75 every day.

Interlude making it to $13,500 is possible and if he has 24 hour periods like the last 24 in which $230 is donated by the people then it definitely is possible, the challenge is sustaining the numbers.

That’s some of the news that is going around at this moment.

Until next time, be good to each other.


5 thoughts on “Monitor wrap (31/7/19)

    1. Even if Carlos cannot see what Alec says, it isn’t for Carlos’ benefit, it is for the benefit of those in TRTAA.

      There seems to be at least three themes in TRTAA and you could say they are Alec’s Greatest Hits to ensure the place is rocking.

      1. CBS
      2. Carlos Pedraza
      3. Vic Mignogna


  1. It’s looking as if Jonathan Lane will need another superfan or two with large contributions to Interlude or a strong run of $150 days to make his 2d target of $13.5K by 8-20-19. Nonetheless, he has done quite well in crowdfunding a Trek fan film, IMHO. Assembling north of $10K these days for a fan film is an achievement.


    1. If it wasn’t for two people giving a total of $4000, he would be doing around the same as other productions

      Interlude’s two major selling points is its relation to Axanar and not being made by CBS.

      The amount needed per day average has jumped to $154.41.


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