Targets and costs

August 5 2019

Interlude continues to roll towards the $13,500 target that has been set by August 20.

It isn’t rolling fast enough to rapidly cut down the money needed per day for production costs to fit into August 20 but it isn’t bad news for Jonathan Lane.

While the total required per day is currently out to $166.26 to fit to the August 20 plan, I think the money is coming in big enough numbers that Jonathan Lane and his team could make up the difference and be on time or allow a slight delay of the target by a week or two.

Cutting the budget from $19,500 down to $13,500 was a good decision, $13,500 is still pretty high for a fan film but people paddle faster when they see land being closer.

This sequel that is not a sequel will be made, no question about it, it is just a matter of when.

Now to a little controversy, the tins are out to help Vance Major Owen make future episodes of his productions (that’s not the controversy) and Jonathan left a comment that in part was very interesting and somewhat controversial.

“There are some out there who would argue that, if you can’t afford to buy your own uniforms, that you have no right to ask others to fund your “hobby.” I used to call those people “detractors,” Now I just call them idiots. You just go right on asking supporters for money because we’re all more than happy to help you, Vance. #FansStrongerTogether” – Jonathan Lane.

If Jonathan’s $100 donation to his GoFundMe is his only financial contribution to Interlude then that is just 0.74% of the $13,500 cost.

So of course people will be a little unhappy if Jonathan’s personal contribution is that small compared to what fans have to stump up to make his dreams about Star Trek fan films a reality.

The argument people are making is that fan film makers should pay as close to the majority of costs as they can and then get fans to help them get to the production start and finish line.

That’s not being an idiot, that’s being fair and reasonable when it comes to helping people achieve their hopes, dreams and visions.

Until next time, be good to each other.


3 thoughts on “Targets and costs

  1. There is some levity with regard to Mr Lane’s note that he left on Vance Major’s GFM. I happen to know that one of Vance’s backers is none other than a “detractor”=Axamonitorian. I’ve enjoyed the Minard films for some time so if I’m an idiot I can deal with it.
    I also agree that Interlude has a fighting chance of reaching the 2d goal of $13.5K. If Mr Lane could get some clusters of $150+ days, or even pull in another superfan or two, he could win this by 8-20-19. We’ll have to see.


    1. I think the whole idiots thing is theatrics, most fan film makers pay more than 0.74% of their own budget assuming the $100 is the extent of paying for Interlude.

      There is no shame in saying ‘Hey, why should we pay 99.26% of your fan production for?’


  2. Mr Lane’s claims seem selfish, there just to include a passive aggressive dig at folks who have criticized Lane’s approach…making Vance’s story about Lane. bad form.

    besides, the insinuation is specious, and spurious, and completely irrelevant, because Mr Major has spent years using his own money and resources to make his films. so, even those who criticize Lane for not committing his own resources while expecting others to fund the bulk of his work would have no issues with vance fundraising since Vance actually HAS contributed from his own pocket in a rather significant way.


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