Post Debunked

August 6 2019

Before STLV came along and grabbed everyone’s attention, I mentioned that Carlos Pedraza was mentioned in Alec Peter’s thoughts about Vic Mignogna and now STLV is over, it is time to look at it closely.

Alec and Vic don’t get along and from all accounts this has been going on for years and so now it appears that Vic’s legal issues was Alec’s Christmas in July.

What allegedly happened on Star Trek Continues and at Conventions has been covered by multiple sources and now the courts will make a judgement on whether those allegations were grounds to fire Vic from his jobs.

At the end of the post was comments about Carlos Pedraza so let’s take a look at them

“So does Carlos Pedraza cover this? Of course not! He is buddies with Vic and so covers it up.”

Answer: This is 100% False.

Carlos Pedraza has covered the lawsuit that involves Vic Mignogna in AxaMonitor Daily so that debunks he “So does Carlos Pedraza cover this? Of course not!” claim.

Further proof that the story has been covered is the July 30 edition of AxaMonitor Daily which was published one day before the post by Alec Peters.

As for the “He is buddies with Vic and so covers it up” claim that is also debunked as Carlos is not friends with Vic Mignogna, the two are not even friends on Facebook and “so covers this up” is also debunked because as mentioned earlier it was reported on AxaMonitor Daily on at least July 30.

Perhaps the most disturbing part of the post is the comments in the post, sexual misconduct is not a reason to claim schadenfreude and it is not a reason to claim that ‘Karma is a b**ch*.

If Vic tried making another Star Trek fan production and it failed then that could be considered karma or schadenfreude because of the bickering that has gone on between Alec and Vic over Axanar.

Those who have reported sexual misconduct did not experience what they said they’ve experienced so Alec could get pleasure from Vic being fired as well as being in a lawsuit and potentially more legal trouble.

Say you have a rival who picks on your work or life, he or she goes out and kills somebody and is arrested, is the killing and the arrest karma for them picking on you? No!

Sexual Misconduct allegations are serious and should be treated as such, it is not something that anybody should try scoring some cheap points with by dragging people in who are not involved etc.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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