Touchdown Interlude

August 16 2019

A couple of days ago, the situation for Interlude was looking bleak but as said on August 10 there was a feeling that something was going to happen just like when Joe Montana lead San Francisco to glory late in a big game in the 1980’s.

Sure enough it did happen, $1000 Thursday which really was $1200 x 2 plus You Thursday as two unknown people (new or old who knows) decided to throw in a maximum of $1200 each if people threw in amounts that made them pay the maximum of $1200 in response.

It worked, fans obligingly threw some money at Interlude and in turn the big donors threw their cash in too, it was a great strategy and it paid off.

So there you have it, a Joe Montana moment in Star Trek fan film history.

At least $6400 has been donated by the big donors, that number could be two, three of four donors and that has been the difference between Interlude going forward and Interlude being kept waiting as without the donors they’d be sitting at around $10,000.

It is theoretically possible that if somebody else does one of these Thursday specials that the original $19,500 goal can be achieved before it is lights, camera, action.

It is safe to say that the ‘bridge’ between Prelude to Axanar and Axanar will be built and it will be built to quality, what happens after that in terms of fan reception and its place in history is anybody’s guess.

The big winner in all this is Axanar, the sequel that is not a sequel that is Interlude will provide fans with something that is fresh for Axanar’s fans, it will help build anticipation for what Axanar is trying to do in the future and it will also help fill the Axanar coffers because there are runs on the board.

Everyone’s a winner as Hot Chocolate said in the late 1970’s.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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