Monitor Wrap (17/9/19)

September 17 2019

Axanar is ramping up efforts as October gets closer as there has been an increase of posts in the last couple of days.

Those who were entitled to patches over the last couple of years after spending money on Kickstarter or Indiegogo to get them and other perks are going to start getting them.

Those who picked the $35 tier should be getting them soon, it is recommended that anyone who paid for them and wants them go to Axanar’s website and find Ares Digital and make sure your details are up to date there and wherever you paid for the perk.

Some have pointed out that it was easier getting patches by donating during Axanar Confidential episodes than those who have been waiting for years.

Promotional material is spreading though some are wondering why Axanar is being billed as ‘new episodes‘ and ‘Independent Star Trek film‘ when it is a fan film and the episodes are parts.

11Alive News has reported on the above and people are curious because the story is almost an exact copy of the above on and reads more like promotional material than a news story.

11Alive News has received a stack of tweets and FB comments on their FB post about recent events concerning Axanar, it remains to be see if any action (positive or negative) will be taken concerning them.

JP’s Away Mission To Axanar Fund isn’t going anywhere as it currently sits on $55, it is puzzling that there is no social media promotion by Axanar yet considering they are bringing him to them and he will bring interest but that can change in an instant.

There is nothing new to report from though AxaMonitor’s FB group has been discussing all of the above in detail with some posts reasonable and some that are a bit out there and can be considered nasty.

There is now the expectation that no comments will be made about the families (inc children and partners) of those working on Axanar and anybody who does so will be warned and then muted and the topic closed.

SimilarWeb figures show Star Trek Continues is visited more than Axanar Productions and SocialBlade shows that STC has received more video views in the last month compared to Axanar though when Axanar is made, this number will undoubtedly change.

On the other hand, Prelude to Axanar is miles in front of any episode of Star Trek Continues.

Trekzone reported on the success that Star Trek Discovery had at the Saturn Awards and at the Emmy’s whilst also reporting on the latest Science news in podcasts.

That’s just some of the action that has taken place over the last couple of days.

Until next time, be good to each other.


9 thoughts on “Monitor Wrap (17/9/19)

  1. The funniest part about them changing the headline based on Facebook comments is with the exception of the first comment, the rest is Sandy Greenberg spamming them with Axamonitor links. Of course I am sure Carlos “knew nothing” about this.

    The saddest part in all this is the Axamonitor crowd has spent 2 years since the settlement trying everything they can to derail the 2 episodes from being filmed, and they did not accomplish their stated goal, stop Axanar, and ruin Alec Peters…….epic failures on both accounts.


    1. Was it really changed because of Facebook comments or was it changed because maybe a certain company didn’t like it or it was just common sense to add the word ‘fan’ as it is true.

      While you’re here, is Axanar’s allowed to use professionals who were not part of Prelude to Axanar or not?

      Some say yes and some say no, if the answer is no then isn’t Alec breaking them by having a professional play Corax?


      1. Alec can use any actor he chooses because his settlement is outside the published guidelines. He can also use those who were in Prelude to Axanar, if they agree to reprise their roles, which is why JG and Gary have already agreed. Kate Vernon has the script, and is reading it to see if she wants to come back as Sonya Alexander.


      2. Unless Jon has read the settlement agreement (which I doubt) the answer to this question is far from clear. The joint statement published at the settlement’s announcement stated only that Peters could use only the professional actors who had appeared in Prelude. If the settlement allowed for other professional actors then that was not part of the pubic announcement. Since the settlement likely also stipulates all parties have to keep its details secret, then I wouldn’t take Jon’s (or Alec’s Peters’) public word for it.

        Really, it’s something only CBS and Peters privately know. We’ll have to see how this plays out.


      3. You would think that if they said the professional actors from Prelude are allowed part then they would just go the whole hog and say all professionals are welcome to join the production of Axanar.

        There is a way to settle it, if nothing happens then they’re allowed to have pros everywhere and if something happens regarding CBS then they weren’t allowed to.

        Unless CBS doesn’t care what happens and prefers to deal with other things.


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