Monitor wrap (19/9/19)

September 19 2019

11Alive altered their headline to now have the words ‘fan-made’ in the headline so it now reads “Star Trek fan-made film ‘Axanar’ eyes production in Atlanta this October“.

The final update was made some 9 hours and 53 minutes after the news service originally posted the story on September 16 (September 17 in Australia).

Despite the change, it still reads as a largely intact copy of a press release and not a news report which is puzzling.

The post of the story on Axanar’s FB page has received 35 comments and 27 shares and the story has been spread on Twitter as well.

11Alive have received several warnings in regard to Axanar on Facebook and Twitter but it appears that they are not interested in the warnings at this present time.

AxaMonitor Daily has returned and MTM got mentioned deep in the report and it said that Jonathan’s message was 1,165 words long which was still nice because it’s nice when somebody spends awhile to write a lot of words to you.

Whilst on the topic of the 1,165 words, It is really recommended that nobody should call Jonathan things like ‘Human Fleshlight’ or anyone else.

First it is not nice, secondly it does not give you a good look and thirdly it can be used against you if Jonathan needs to create a distraction or make a point and reporting bullying (bullying does include name calling) can be a good distraction and point maker.

It is always tempting to call somebody something after they call you something but it never changes anything, it doesn’t win you fans, it doesn’t make you happy for days or weeks or years, hammer them with facts instead.

Eagle eyed viewers of Axanar’s website may of noticed that the site report on the audio interview between Jonathan Lane and Alec Peters is exactly the same as Fan Film Factor’s and is even credited to Jonathan.

All is quiet at The Real Truth About Axanar and it has been a couple of weeks since Axanar Confidential plus its been nine days since something was posted on Twitter so perhaps it is full steam ahead for October.

Until next time, be good to each other.


9 thoughts on “Monitor wrap (19/9/19)

  1. Yeah, so the defense kinda rests its caae considering that you yourself, T, felt it was necessary to comment on how negative your readers are being and admonish them for being that way. You obviously have a skewed readership.

    But are you yourself skewed toward the negative?

    I have to say, once again, I feel the answer is a sincere “yes”…and I suspect you don’t see it (either by happenstance or choice). You see, after I wrote my “rather long” comment, you addressed only the first half of it: the part about your readership being skewed. That was always the easy part. But you didn’t speak at all to my evidence of how YOU are skewed. I suggest you read the second half once again and ask yourself why you chose, in your response, to skip over any acknowledgement that Jonathan’s efforts in raising funding went well beyond any “slipstream” effect from being associated with either Alec Peters or Axanar. By the time Thousand Dollar Thursday brought in over $5K in a single day, donations had flatlined. The “Axanar Effect” had long since passed. Alec could have dedicated every Axanar Confidential to “Interlude” and my totals wouldn’t have increased appreciably. That well was tapped, and I knew it would happen (and, by August, had happened).

    But I’d always planned to do outreach beyond the Axanar faithful…from day one. And so I did at strategic points during the entire summer. This culminated in many efforts being consolidated into a single week’s push leading into that major Thursday. It had less to do with Axanar and more to do with a concerted marketing outreach plan that involved dozens of people communicating to thousands (with the understanding that such efforts typically yield a 1%-2% response rate…which they did).

    You’ve chosen not to look at your own biases, T, and I get that. It’s tough when you’re trying to convey an image of yourself not having a horse in this race to then acknowledge that you actually do have a chip on your virtual shoulder. (Mixing metaphors in midstream!) But your readers know, the Axanar supporters know, and I know. If you don’t want to own it, T, we’ll own it for you. No secrets. 🙂

    And last but not least (to keep this under 500 words!), if you wouldn’t mind printing a correction (or letting me do it for you), I never reached out to the two matching donors. Each of them contacted me out of the blue–within a couple of days of each other–offering to match donations for a period of time. They didn’t know each other, and one of them didn’t even know me (the other was a friend). I suggested combining the two matches into a single 24 period period, and the guy I didn’t know previously requested the $1200 cap, which I also offered to my friend, to keep things simple and control for runaway donations bankrupting either of them. But no, I did not reach out to them; they both suggested it to me.

    Okay, 508 words.


    1. A defense cannot ‘kinda’ rest their case, that’s something you might see in an early season episode of The Simpsons.

      If you said that say Matt or Shawn or anyone is a complete and utter drongo then you would be admonished and you are welcome to test it.

      I have a feeling if I let the Fleshlight comment slide, you would of raised the point.

      So it sounds like a case of damned if I do and damned if I don’t.

      Am I skewed or biased etc? I believe I answered the question when I said the following

      “If something in the whole Axanar business doesn’t sound right to me, I will write why it does not make sense to me and if something makes sense to me then I’ll write about that, that’s it.”

      So if you believe that I have not looked at myself and it means that I am skewed or have a chip on my virtual shoulder etc then that’s your opinion and in the Democratic world which is the majority of the world that is allowed.

      Is it really wrong to question or point out something that doesn’t make sense?

      I know it is policy of Fan Film Factor to not write anything negative about a fan production though i have a feeling that while you talk up any production there must be times that you think 1 + 1 doesn’t equal 2 with a production yet you can’t say so because it would be negative.

      It is very nice of you to explain the two $1200 donors but I am I am positive that I have not said that you contacted two people to do such a thing for you so I do not know why you would ask for a correction but if you would like it written as an explanation, I would happily do that for you, let me know.

      For the record I stated “two unknown people (new or old who knows) decided to throw in a maximum of $1200 each”

      The new or old refers to being unsure if they were the same ones who donated the large sums previously and they did pay the $1200.

      I believe that the Axanar Effect never died in the Interlude campaign and I believed that something was going to happen towards the finish and it did, it may not have been planned and it may not have been expected but it happened.

      I believe that covers everything but if I missed something, let me know and we’ll discuss it.

      Lastly I don’t give a hoot if you write 1000+ words or 500 words, I’ll read it and answer it.

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      1. And again, wow. How rattled must you be to spend that amount of time ranting on a page which, with respect, doesn’t have a massive amount of traffic. How insecure must you be to not let anything pass you by without a really long withering reply?


      2. Oh sure, I know you’re not here for the numbers and you’ve always been pretty open about that. Which makes the anger of captjon1 even more unhinged and irrational.


  2. 508 words to say that RKS should control his audience. Isnt that… an echo chamber? Doesnt your Axanar have one of them Jonathan?

    It’s nice to live in a fantasy world where no one disagrees with you, but buckle up… cause that’s not the way the real world works.


  3. For clarity’s sake, RKS, I’d appreciate it if you mentioned that the Human Flashlight and other insults did not appear in AxaMonitor Daily. You slide right into that topic right after reporting what the Daily said. Someone who hadn’t read the newsletter would likely assume you’re referring to something in the newsletter. I keep my language professional, thank you very much.


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