Outside Professionals or no Outside Professionals?

September 23 2019

Preparations are continuing for Axanar which is scheduled to start filming in under two weeks time.

There will be five shoots and fans are awaiting word on whether Kate Vernon will say yes or no to participating.

Days after an interview with Jonathan Lane in which Alec Peters told listeners that no cast or crew would be announced publicly, a new cast member appeared on Axanar Confidential and she’s a professional actress.

This got attention because it means one of two things.

1. Axanar’s private settlement with CBS allows Axanar to choose any professional they want to be in front of or behind the camera.

2. The agreement was for Prelude to Axanar cast and crew only and the hiring of professionals outside is breaking the rules.

CBS Guidelines state that professionals are not allowed to participate in fan productions but we all know that Axanar and CBS hammered out their own terms which was generous of CBS.

One of the allowances could be that Axanar can have as many professionals as they like compared to other fan productions that cannot have any professionals even if they are being paid nothing.

Professionals would be those have SAG membership etc and work on network television shows and of course movies.

Some think that if Axanar can say (or can they say?) that they’re allowed to have Prelude to Axanar cast in Axanar then shouldn’t they just be able to say that they can have the choice of grabbing unlimited professionals?

The only way we would ever know if they are allowed to have professionals outside of Prelude to Axanar is if CBS raises objections and with under two weeks to go, there are no objections out there so it must be alright unless CBS just doesn’t care.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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