What attracts people to Axanar?

September 26 2019

What attracts people to Axanar compared to anything else that is out there in the fan film world?

It is a question that I’ve been trying to get the answer to for the last year or so and there doesn’t seem to be a simple answer.

Does Alec Peters have some sort of ability to attract people and get their time and/or their money to help make Axanar?

Do people follow because Axanar got into a fight with CBS and they felt that the little guy was being targeted by a corporation and so they are Anti-CBS?

Do people follow Axanar because they don’t like Discovery so much that they put their faith in a fan production to restore their faith in Star Trek?

Do people just like it because it is a fan film?

Maybe people just like following Axanar because the whole saga of pre-production has been entertaining.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the future, will there be more fan productions after Interlude is finished up? will Ares Studio run for years? would Axanar be better than Prelude to Axanar?

Until the future arrives, feel free to vote in the poll asking what attracts people to Axanar.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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