A couple of days to go

October 2 2019

Time is ticking down towards the first of five Axanar shoots.

The word is that everyone will get to see what is going on as it happens online and either everyone will see a smooth production or one that is all the place and racked with chaos.

Fans are very excited about this coming weekend as Axanar moves from Pre-Production to Production and makes its way towards a scheduled release in 2020.

There is a new fundraiser coming this week and fifty to sixty thousand dollars is sought, chances are pretty good it will get there if it reaches enough eyes and people remember Prelude to Axanar.

Nobody found out if Axanar’s use of professionals outside of the ones used in Prelude to Axanar are allowed in the settlement between Axanar and CBS.

Perhaps CBS was in a good mood and decided to let Axanar be as professional as possible which gives it a massive advantage over the guideline era fan productions who cannot have a single professional anywhere (though some fan film productions do have them).

AxaMonitor may have something that could make things interesting, it could be anything and speculation is that it is Kate Vernon saying no to Axanar or some court case somewhere that turned pear shaped.

No ‘detractors’ are believed to be going anywhere near Ares Studios this weekend, everyone knows that would be a terrible idea to chance it and any suggestion that somebody would be going to cause trouble is just trying to create theatrics and whip up anger.

Some jokes about going may be cracked about going but that is also a terrible idea as it can be used to create theatrics and whip up anger.

So now it is time to sit back and watch what happens and learn as much as possible from it.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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