Breach Baby Breach

October 3 2019

Talk about Axanar exploded last night when it was reported on AxaMonitor Daily that there was problems between CBS and Axanar.

Axanar the next day (October 3) confirmed that they received a Notice of Breach on October 1 and hours later they amended it to say that they’ve had eight breaches in three and a half years.

AxaMonitor reported on Twitter that it is actually two and a half years and not three and a half years.

There is a thought going around that perhaps the seven previous breaches may not exist as word would of leaked out about any of the seven breaches over time instead of being announced in a sudden revelation.

If Axanar has broken rules 8 times then CBS must be more lenient than the NCAA because history records that the NCAA shut down programs in way less breaches, one example of course is SMU Football in the 1980’s.

This recent breach may of been brewing since at least September 16 when a press release was making the rounds saying that Axanar was an ‘Independent Star Trek film’ and everyone knows that saying that is a terrible idea.

11Alive in Atlanta picked up the story and then changed their headline hours later to include the words ‘fan-made’ but the story has remained the same and includes ‘Independent Star Trek film’.

Axanar’s press release is now free of saying anything like ‘Independent Star Trek film’ though AxaMonitor discovered that the change in the press release was not in effect until after October 2.

CBS’s attention is also on Ares Studios as it is claimed that the Patreon campaign for Ares Studios has violated the separation agreement.

It has been noted in the past that episodes of Axanar Confidential have the Ares Studios logo at the beginning of each episode but they are run on the Axanar YouTube Channel and have been re-uploaded onto Ares Studios’ channel later.

There are calls for the Breach of Notice to be posted online so everyone knows what exactly CBS is asking Axanar to do.

Opinion on recent events is varied across Star Trek fandom, some fans see it as CBS being greedy or jealous of Axanar whilst others saw this coming for some time when it could of easily been avoided.

The division over Discovery is also expressed in comments when it comes to CBS and Axanar as well.

The breach of notice has not changed any of Axanar’s plans for Friday to Sunday when they are expected to film the first of five shoots.

Time will tell if this Breach of Notice will lead to anything more drastic, one thing is for certain that is that if CBS does chase Axanar again, there will be a fight and it will be lengthy and expensive for both the two sides as well as fans.

Until next time, be good to each other.


6 thoughts on “Breach Baby Breach

  1. One thing to bear in mind about the repercussions of a breach in the CBS-Axanar settlement agreement. While, yes, the case doesn’t go back to a court, it goes into arbitration — still costly, but faster and usually the little guy (i.e., Axanar, in this case) loses — where the deck is stacked in favor of corporations more than individuals. Also, it happens entirely out of public view. We’ll likely hear few details about its outcome because the settlement’s provisions for non-disclosure and non-disparagement still apply. None of this favors Axanar, which depends on a public forum to gin up opposition to CBS and Paramount.


    1. If Alec is correct, he has 10 days (well less now) to fix breach #8 (if 8 exist) and it sounds like he is holding firm on the Ares Studios issue.

      It sounds like Arbitration is going to be the play to win the Super Bowl if they CBS and Axanar play.

      It’s funny he says they are trying to live up to the settlement but let’s face reality, there is no trying, it is simply ‘must live up to’ territory.


      1. My sources told me that CBS gave Axanar until October 15 to produce the requested financial records regarding Peters’ revenue, which I believe includes Patreon as well as money earned through a monetized Axanar YouTube channel.

        If Alec Peters refuses to do so, then the arbitrator will get to decide whether the “separate legal entity” known as Ares Studios truly is separate and not just a means for Alec Peters (who is also personally liable for breaching the settlement) to do an end run around his *and* Axanar’s fundraising prohibition.


      2. It shouldn’t have gotten like this, he got a great deal from CBS, a way better deal than the rest of the fan film pack but he still wanted to push against the boundaries.

        We’ll just have to sit back and see what happens.


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