Teaser Trailer review

October 20 2019

Axanar: The Gathering Storm teaser trailer was launched with great fanfare today with over 1,000 people tuning in on YouTube for a 90 minute show that featured the 1 minute and 3 second teaser.

My thoughts on the teaser trailer is that there is not much to write home about on it, though the interesting part of it was the use of Ted Kennedy’s eulogy to his brother Robert Kennedy after he was killed in 1968.

It was recognizable because I was a big fan of the movie Bobby and I wanted to know everything about Robert Kennedy and naturally Ted Kennedy’s speech was something I had to see and you can hear the emotional pause after “Some men” in the trailer.

The difference between the eulogy (47 seconds into above video) and the Axanar teaser trailer is that they edited out a pause between “and say why” and “I dream things”.

The teaser is dominated by the launch of a Saturn V rocket, it’s place in the teaser trailer doesn’t make much sense but it could be a statement that the production is underway.

You see the Ares doing a roll which those who have seen Prelude to Axanar have seen it and other ships do a couple of times.

You see some crew reaction shots, the Ares appearing to come out of a roll to avoid Klingon fire and then a good look at a Klingon ship.

Lastly you see some bridge action with crew being thrown around and monitors starting to go out.

There is no dialogue, just music that sounds like a variation of what you hear in movies like First Contact.

Waiting until the second or third shooting session before making a teaser would of made more sense but it appears people are satisfied with it though most of the comments are against CBS and Discovery, whether it will help Axanar raise $50,000 more dollars to pay for Shoots #1 and #2 is unknown.

The last thought I have is that the end of Prelude to Axanar shows the battle starting, Interlude is going to carry the story through to ‘The Gathering Storm’ but wouldn’t the attack at the end of Prelude and through Interlude be the storm itself?

Rating: 1.5 out of 5


6 thoughts on “Teaser Trailer review

  1. The bridge shots are poorly lit, the fact that theres only 8 seconds is laughable but realising the only reason this trailer exists is to ‘stick it’ to the haters makes all those things understandable.

    Ask yourself this – is this a $2 million production?


      1. Ah yes….Matt Miller with his “opinion”.

        I love how he brings up $2 million dollars” since he knows FULL WELL the original donor funds were for
        A- a 90 minute full length movie
        B- spent on things like rent and other bills during the lawsuit, making the original money raised moot when discussing what is being shot now.
        Also this was NOT released to “stick it to the haters”, they seem to think they are “important” when in reality, they are nothing more than “gnats on a fleas behind”.
        The trailer was released to make supporters happy that the project is underway, and spark the funding drive. Which it most certainly has. As for the use of “old” CGI, well considering no VFX has been done yet on this new version, of course they used “old VFX”, why shouldn’t they?


  2. Robert Kennedy stated that he was quoting George Bernard Shaw when he said this, he is often thought to have originated the expression, which actually paraphrases a line delivered by the **Serpent** in Shaw’s 1922 play _Back To Methuselah_:
    “You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not?’”.
    So, the line is Shaw’s Satan speaking. How ironic.


    1. I wonder why they decided to just use Ted (Edward) Kennedy’s use of the paraphrase instead of just getting somebody (like Alec) to just say the line.

      A new recording wouldn’t have the expression of grief that you hear in the Ted Kennedy recording but instead the more motivational/inspiring tone that RFK would have used when he said it.


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