Tardigrade Fight

October 22 2019

Fandom is going crazy at the moment over Anas Abdin and his game Tardigrades (formerly called Epoch) and if CBS copied from the game or not and Axanar is drawn into this because people think CBS stole the Four Year War idea off Axanar and used it on Discovery.

So the first thing to do was take a look at Discovery and it’s business with a Tardigrade.

Discovery did not have a Tardigrade when the show started, the first time it was seen was on the USS Glenn in S1 E3’s “Context is for Kings” and it snacked on Humans and Klingons before it was captured off-screen and delivered to the USS Discovery.

It was S1 E4 “The Butchers Knife Cares Not For The Lamb’s Cry” that was when the Tardigrade was put into the chamber for the first time after Michael Burnham realized what the USS Glenn crew was doing with it.

The Tardigrade did not have any Discovery character swallowed up in a hug like fashion compared to the game Tardigrades, the Discovery tardigrade was connected to machinery and was surrounded by spores, spores that were already there.

In S1 E5 “Choose Your Pain”, the Tardigrade was given spores and it was released from the Discovery where it disappeared after it shut down and refused to do more jumps.

At no time did the creature interact with the crew like the game Tardigrades and you never saw the Tardigrade again as Stamets taken over being the Spores navcom (think Wing Commander movie) so to speak.

The Tardigrades game trailers from 2015 shows a blue creature in space but from afar and it appears to be crawling through space.

Another video shows one of the characters in a spacesuit seeing three giant blue balls either in a room or in space as it is plain black, the blue dots in the ball look similar to the spores in Discovery as they are blue dots but they used differently and there is no sign of a Tardigrade that everyone is fighting about.

It is also interesting the video is called “Inside the Wormhole”.

The teaser below is from July 2017 and it shows character interaction with a Tardigrade but is it also implying that the Tardigrade is a shapeshifter of some kind?

Note that the character has no clothes on, Discovery didn’t have that and they didn’t need characters up close and personal with a Tardigrade.

Discovery started Production at the beginning of 2017 and Episode 3 would of been either in production or was written and ready to go by July 2017.

Here’s the interesting thing, none of the picture updates on Steam Greenlight show the Tardigrade or what it could do aside from the July 2017 video.

Perhaps somebody saw his blog in the sea of blogs but attention about the lawsuit was given about Steam Greenlight and aside from the above video, there is nothing there of big note.

MechaRandom42 in the video above had a show titled ‘Why Is The Star Trek Discovery Tardigrade Brown All Of A Sudden? but if you go 35 minutes into Episode 4 of Discovery or just look at the picture below, it is not blue like the one in Tardigrades and there are also some other differences as well.

Not Brown.png

The blue around it was the spores and scene lighting, nothing more and nothing less.

There are claims that the characters look similar between the show and the game but Stamets is a pretty thin guy and the character Maciek who was declared to be stolen from Anas looks like a guy with a lot of weight on him particularly in muscle.

Maciek is a prisoner who is stuck with Aziz in some part of the game, Aziz’s partner in Tardigrades is Ty but Aziz is on the Marsi-3 and Ty is on the Titan so they aren’t on the same ship like the Doctor and Stamets are on Discovery.

Here’s a twist, in March 2019 it is said that Aziz and Carter (blonde guy you see with the Tardigrade) have a moment in the showers.

The puzzling thing is that in the original picture comparisons, the picture of Stamets was next to the one with Maciek but more recent one has changed.


characters with Tardigrade.jpg

The fighting has to stop, it has gone on for too long and it is starting to get nasty as Anas is showing threats that he has received and blames Star Trek Discovery fans for sending them to him.

There is no need to send pictures of people about to be hanged, there is no need to wish death on mothers or call family member retards or suggest drugs need to be refilled.

There is no need from Anas supporters to call people things Drekkies and Discoveretards because they like Discovery.

If you watch Discovery, respect the opinion of those who don’t watch it and those who don’t should respect those who do and let them watch it while you do something else with your time.

Anas once said in November 2017 that his idea outcome “is to get addressed by the producers and [know that they’ll] let me be, to finish my project”

I don’t see why CBS would want to get in his way, it is a different project to Discovery, it is just people whipping up anger and fear that has put up a roadblock that stops completion of the game and by the looks, it is an interesting game.

So there you have it, my thoughts on the Tardigrades fight.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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