Monitor Wrap (30/10/19)

October 30 2019

It has been a very interesting week in the Axanar world full of fights, boasts and money but there’s the general feeling that everything is going round and round.

Axanar now wants $60,000 instead of $70,000 from fans so if Shoot #2 is publicly said to cost $20,000 that means Shoot #1 is $40,000 fan funded and Alec Peters will have a personal bill of $35,000 himself as it is said that in at least two locations that he fronted the Shoot #1 bill of $75,000.

Axanar has raised almost $29,000 of its $60,000 target at this time and should reach its goal by November 30.

I had a chat with Jon Tessler that quickly turned into a Twitter fest as everyone else came in and had an opinion and when everyone jumped in everything went all over the place.

Apparently the chat was to help get #IStandWithAxanar trending and then keep ‘haters’ occupied while Axanar fans attempted to get #IStandWithAxanar trending.

Unfortunately for the plan, our chat did not use the hashtag so our posts did not count and it did not keep people occupied as Twitter is a 30 second to tweet kind of thing.

During the long conversation, Stoggy challenged Robert Meyer Burnett on a couple of issues and told him to ‘nut up’ and make Axanar Parts 1 and 2, the major problem with this is that firstly no professionals can make fan productions and secondly you cannot make a series.

Below you can see some of the chat between Stoggy and myself.


Stoggy also discussed his thoughts on the Axanar universe which may or may not confuse people as .


The old “I am Matt Miller” theory got another lease of life thanks to Stoggy who thinks that I am Matt Miller and as much as it is funny that he thinks we’re the one and the same, I am Chuck and I don’t have a podcast or anything Matt Miller has.

Meanwhile Alec and Robert Meyer Burnett are still going at it over what Rob did and did not do and what Alec paid for and how much.

Alec posts something about it on The Real Truth About Axanar and Robert fires a reply back on AxaMonitor so you have to look at both groups to get the full details of the story.

This topic comes up every month or two and the results are always the same, nothing changes.

The two were even setting up for a court clash before it mysteriously faded away, perhaps that would of been a great time to just let things go but it seems there is some value to one or both sides to bring it up again and again.

Lastly there is a lot of chatter about a Captain America shield that I have no idea about as I don’t care about a Captain America shield and where it came from and who is holding it in a picture etc.

So hopefully things will go quiet again and time will tick on and Axanar gets made or stopped by CBS or something and then we can look at what to do and what not to do when it comes to making a fan film.

Until next time, be good to each other.


5 thoughts on “Monitor Wrap (30/10/19)

  1. Unfortunately, the civility of our chat had to be ruined by others who simply want to “push buttons”.

    The funny one now going on in the Facebook groups is Alec using or highlighting “biscuits” either via memes, or in live streams. The Axamonitor crowd had 2 different threads complaining about this, last time I perused their groups page. There was even an inside joke suggested to change “Axa-Bucks” to “Axa-Biscuits”.

    Anyway, hope your Halloween down under was good.


    1. The whole biscuit thing is too bizarre for me, I think Alec had an overreaction to a story about him eating where he wasn’t supposed to be eating and now the story has a spin-off or two.

      Meanwhile Halloween gets busier every year, must of had 100 kids coming by, felt like the house was McDonalds, kids would get dropped off, they get their food and then be driven off.


    2. What one person would call “push buttons”, another person would call it “truth telling”. Which I’m still waiting for the questions to be answered.


  2. I learned through extensive interaction with Stoggy and Tessler in that Twitter spat that facts don’t matter to them. Stoggy refuses to take your Axamonitor challenge. Whenever he was presented with facts and arguments he would change the subject, go on the attack, or go silent. I’m not kidding, it is like a cult over there.


    1. Sometimes people are so passionate about something or so eager to impress people that they charge in and blunder their way around.

      There are a couple of loose cannons on both sides of the fence and neither side is willing to tell those people on their side of the fence to either tone it down, don’t speak or think before they speak.


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