The Dangers of Shortfall

November 13 2019

Axanar’s fundraiser has slowed in recent days as the projected finishing of funding date has dropped from November 30 to December 6 because they’ve been getting amounts as little as $60 in a 20 hour period.

The projection has been based on the belief that they would get $1000 per day so they would make it in time for Shoot 2 which is set for the first week of December.

The thing to remember though is that despite Axanar asking for $60,000 for Shoot 1 and 2, Alec Peters fronted $75,000 for shoot one so the first $20,000 of the Axanar fundraiser can easily go to Shoot 2 until fans raise the next $40,000 because the Shoot 1 split should be $40,000 by fans and $35,000 by Alec.

Perhaps the fan film well is drying up, some fans are doing double duty and spending money on both Axanar and Ares Studios and obviously they cannot do it forever.

Fans are also spending money on Neutral Zone Studios and a range of fan productions who are all asking fans to consider them when it comes to spending their cash on something Star Trek.

Fan Film Studios are always up against it, they cannot make any profit so they have to match their bills with income from people making fan films every month and there isn’t exactly a long line of people wanting to make fan films.

Fan Films could survive if the person who built the sets own the property then they got to worry about rates, utilities, insurance etc and not worry about rent which comes to a hefty total.

Ares Studios for example has a publicly stated queue of three productions with one of course being Axanar itself and that won’t cover the gap for even one month of rent that remains after fan contributions.

With the owner saying he is out of money, the shortfall of rent cannot be maintained indefinitely because $18,000 per year is currently required for Ares Studios rent ($1500 x 12) and not everyone has $18,000 in their back pocket.

Now I’m not saying Axanar won’t reach it’s $60,000 goal, I think something will happen and it will get there, kind of like when Interlude’s money needed per day to reach goal before time ran out rate was getting bigger and bigger and then it stormed to its goal.

Fans just have to be careful when deciding to make a ‘studio’, it is expensive and there is no guarantee that fans will pay for large chunks of it day in and day out.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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