Funding search continues

November 26 2019

Axanar has raised two-thirds of its $60,000 goal and if they can get $1000 per day then they’ll be done by the middle of December.

Sometimes they do get four figures a day and sometimes they only get $200 or thereabouts, so projecting a completion of funding date is hard.

Fans and the generally curious got to hear a new interview between Jonathan Lane and Alec Peters.

It has to be remembered that after the $60,000 fundraiser is done, they’ve still got other shoots to fundraise as Alec Peters is broke and the price tag is between $150,000 and $200,000 (including the $60,000).

Alec believes that if old donors donate an additional 15% of what they’ve donated previously then Axanar will be fully funded.

But judging by how well the $60,000 fundraiser is going, it may be a struggle to get old donors to pay up for extra because they would of happily donated by now considering the amount of emails people have been getting.

Ares Studios now has a store and past donors are getting new emails from both Ares Studios and Axanar Productions.

If anyone is looking for an Ares Studios site, it is not as that will take you to a drug buying website, apparently there has been some redirecting going on where people wanting a particular page are sent to another and I wonder if that is part of it.

Ares Studios is up to $2,579 per month on Patreon and that leaves Alec to find $1,421 to pay the rest of the monthly bill though the Ares Studios Store is expected to eat into that $1,421 gap.

There are questions about whether or not Ares Studios is separate from Axanar Productions as there is cross promotion and are both owned by Alec and people wonder if CBS is interested in that.

From what I got from the Axanar interview, they believe that CBS won’t have a problem with it and they also believe that CBS won’t act against Axanar because it will be bad publicity for CBS while they prepare for the launch of Picard.

Any backlash may work in Axanar’s favor but people would still be happy to watch Star Trek at the end of the day.

It’s like when people call Hollywood the name Hollyweird but at the end of the day, they are still sitting down to watch a show or movie filmed or produced in Hollywood.

In all seriousness, donations around this time of year are hard to obtain because we are approaching the festive season and if you get paid fortnightly, you might have two pays left before the big day.

Also factor in that charities are also hoping you’ll throw some money their way to help families who are barely surviving and give kids a wonderful day and perhaps a great start to 2020 fully equipped for school etc.

Will fans continue to be happy to pay for Ares Studios month after month until Alec Peters makes a film that has nothing to do with taken IP’s and can make pure profit?

Are fans happy enough to pay for Shoots #3, #4 and #5 every time there is a funding call?

We always hear that Alec has spent $200,000 on Axanar but that’s what he is supposed to do, it is his fan film, it is his companies making it so making a major personal financial contribution is all part of the game.

Years ago, it was awesome to spend some money to help people out who wanted to make video games and movies and everything else but then projects were failing and people were running off with project money so now the general public are wary of new calls for fundraising.

So many questions, so little time.

Until next time, be good to each other.


8 thoughts on “Funding search continues

  1. He also extended the campaign by another 14 days last week. This is a campaign that has been going since the 4th of Oct. During that time it stared off as $50k in 30 days, to $70 in 50 days, to $60k and now the added 14 days.

    Alec may say that it is a separate business, though a simple search on Georgia’s Sec. of State website, would find that they share the same owner name and business address. Propworx is listed there too.


    1. It’s all bizarre but people are still going to throw money at it.

      It will be interesting to see if San Diego Comic Con really will premiere Axanar or it will be a nearby cinema or something and just labelled at SDCC?

      Can a fan film be even shown at a cinema?


      1. But are they willing to throw a total of $200k is the question.

        Probably find that is the case in labelled at SDCC, if it gets made in time. Far as I understand, you can hire out a cinema for $200 in the USA. I know you could hire a cinema with AMC, not too sure with Events or Hoyts cinemas here in Australia


      2. Let’s take a look at the current fundraiser.

        If Axanar gets $1000 a day from here on, they’ll be paid up by December 15
        If Axanar gets $500 a day from here on, they’ll be paid up by January 6

        There is no consistency in donations, sometimes they get around $1000 in a day but other days $200 or so it could be even longer and then they got additional shoots to do though some of them don’t sound very expensive.


      3. As much as you like to ‘If Axanar gets’, he still got to get it by a specific date to meet his deadline of SDCC 2020. Changing the target amount and time extensions just to get that extra dollar or two ain’t going to help in meeting that deadline. Especially if no donations have been coming in, in the last 4 days.

        I been keeping an eye on it too.


      4. They’ve also got Axanar Confidential and the studio store to bring in funds too but nobody knows what they bring.

        Nobody even knows if Axanar really needs 150k to 200k.

        Axanar is so complicated when it really doesn’t have to be.


  2. Prelude to Axanar’s Comic-con screening was never an official part of the con, merely an effort to take advantage of having a big potential audience in the vicinity and associate itself with the name. They merely rented a theater nearby and will do so again should Axanar Lite™ ever be completed.


    1. So it is a fib.

      Near SDCC is not being at SDCC and few people are going to question it, they’ll see SDCC and think that is so cool or amazing or whatever buzzword that gets used in this day and age.


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