February 6 2019

Axanar has made it to the $50,000 revised goal that they had set although it did take them much longer than they had hoped for.

It appears the shoot count is now back down to four instead of five shoots as well, five shoots was the report in September 2019 and so that means they’re halfway through filming.

March is when the next fundraising will take place but is it really fundraising if they’ve got the money in hand? if they have the money and then fundraise to pay for a shoot then it is reimbursement.

Will Gary Graham make an appearance in Axanar? He has appeared to have fallen into the Bermuda Triangle of Axanar like Kate Vernon has as very little has been said about him or from him.

If the two of them emerge and take their place on Axanar, it would be a coup for the production considering the modern age of Star Trek Fan Films are given the guideline of no professionals anywhere near them.

If just one, Kate Vernon’s character would probably be the drawcard as her character has a lot of say when it comes to the onscreen action while Soval is a character who is more behind the scenes regarding diplomacy etc.

If neither appears than four of the five professional stars of Prelude to Axanar due to leaving the project or unfortunately as it can happen during production, death of actors.

Axanar recently dodged a bullet when J G Hertzler’s role in Axanar was not ‘cancelled’ (new buzzword going around) by angry people when he said a woman was a waste of a perfectly good vagina on Facebook after a political disagreement.

Had it been somebody higher up the Hollywood food chain then we would possibly be having a different discussion as entertainment reporters would of feasted on the report and rightly so, you just cannot say that to a woman.

It was as bad as the time Alec said that what happened with Vic (sexual misconduct allegations) was karma for Vic hating Axanar, a comment that is still troubling today as it was when said.

It will be interesting to see if Axanar’s two parts screen at the conventions mentioned as targets for release or if they are screened in the same suburb or city which is not the same thing as being at the actual convention.

Meanwhile it appears the majority of Star Trek fandom is happy with Picard and that is good because things have gotten rough between fans over the years and it is good that something has come along to soothe most frayed nerves.

But there will always be unhappiness, that is democracy, you cannot please 100% of the population, just got to please as many as you can and go on with life and hope enough people watch or got ratings boxes.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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