February 10 2020

One of the interesting things about the whole Axanar saga is how fast people block others.

Heated debate can be extinguished by the click or tap of the block button, get annoyed with somebody debating you, block them and move on.

It appears in AxaMonitor’s FB group that blocking has become a bit of a national sport as stories of who is blocking who are told, the blockings must really confuse people if everyone is discussing different things and getting different answers.

Then again, if they’ve blocked the original poster then they are running the risk of missing out on something and are then looking bad when they discuss something elsewhere later on.

On the bright side, you can never accuse those at AxaMonitor’s FB group as singing from the same song sheet 100% of the time because obviously they aren’t.

If things are getting a little heated, just log out of Facebook and get on with your day, most heated debates online aren’t worth getting stressed or angry about.

The other bad thing is when topics or comments are deleted in Facebook groups, that is censorship and it has been seen around, AxaMonitor does have a policy that no topic gets deleted so what is said stays said and you get muted if you break that rule.

Never be afraid to agree to disagree, everyone leaves happier and their egos are roughly the same size as they started with compared to having an inflated ego and potentially being embarrassed after having it out online.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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