Fan Film Ego

February 19 2020

Do big fan film makers have big egos?

Once upon a time there was New Voyages, the most ambitious fan film series at the time complete with an NBC opening tacked onto the front of each episode which was pretty cool and risky.

It wasn’t perfect but it had enough to be considered must see YouTube viewing and the fan show improved by the episode though it had have an identity crisis as being either Phase II and New Voyages.

New Voyages gave life to Continues and Axanar, the birth of the latter two productions are said to have been the result of clashes with James Cawley, depending on who you ask.

Continues started to get a lot of attention and is considered by some fans to be superior to what New Voyages/Phase II had.

Prelude to Axanar wasn’t a series and it was stacked with more known professionals than an a typical episode of New Voyages/Phase II and Continues, its success led to plans for a full length movie which got it in trouble with CBS and rightfully so.

The three principals do not appear to like each other, that has been pretty obvious for some time.

Alec Peters once said that the sexual misconduct allegations aimed at Vic Mignogna was karma for Vic not liking Axanar and publicly saying so.

Some Axanar fans are not fans of James Cawley and one even said that James ‘knelt in front of CBS with his mouth open’ which led to accusations that it was a homophobic remark or implying that he gives sexual favors.

When people point out Axanar’s failings, some point back to the unreleased New Voyages episode ‘Torment of Destiny’.

It is said that the unfinished episode is actually in the hands of someone who is working on Axanar, quite ironic and it could be released if it steers clear of James.

At the end of the day, Vic Mignogna may get remembered by some as being a pretty decent James T Kirk before being brought down by the allegations mentioned earlier.

Who knows where Alec Peters will wind up, maybe he’ll figure out how to keep his Ares Studios going post Axanar without needing donations to pay the rent etc or maybe he’ll get nowhere.

The big time may of sailed on by for Axanar, its two parts if not stopped by lack of funds or CBS losing patience after multiple breaches would get attention but nothing like the high water mark of 2015, no fan film will get there again.

As for James Cawley, he ended up being the man who got moved up beyond the realm of fan productions and into the realm of being part of official Star Trek business as the sets of New Voyages became an official tour for Star Trek fans to enjoy and it is soon to expand.

So remember fan film makers that while it is good to keep your ego in good shape, don’t get an inflated head over your production and don’t get into fights, it just isn’t worth it.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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