Video, Patches and Dogs

February 28 2020

Axanar released a new video today and whilst the Axanar website says you can log on to Ares Digital to see it, you just have to go on YouTube instead.

The website article may have helped Axanar as donations jumped $100 in a matter of hours.

Speaking of donations, the March fundraiser has quietly been moving forward, it is just over 50% funded (or reimbursed) at this moment of time, things would of been a lot worse had somebody not donated over $1,000 to the production.

Axanar fans successfully raised enough money for a dog’s life to be saved by surgery.

Fans appear largely happy to be paying for Ares Studios, Axanar and Dog rescues and/or surgeries.

A new patch is being designed as you will see below and they are asking people to name the class of ship, the ship appears to be a variant of the Daedalus class ship.

The mock up patch was noted for two errors, first Utopia Planitia was spelled incorrectly and so was Daedalus.

Some believe that the drawing of the ship strongly resembles another piece of work as both ships appear to be at the same angle with changes being in moved parts or additions.

Perhaps it is simple coincidence, who knows.

So that’s the latest going on that has caught attention in the Axanar world.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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