Campaigns and SDCC

Late last week it was thought that Axanar’s premiere of its new trailer had been pushed back to May instead of this month after an announcement was made on Facebook that it would be airing on May 15.

It turns out that a previous announcement of March 15 was the correct date and writing down May was an error.

They’ve also fixed their error of saying premier instead of premiere, the two words have different meanings.

There is some good news for Axanar and that is that Shoot #3 has been fully funded by fans and will go ahead without any funding catch up required.

It has been said that the next part of Axanar is scheduled to be released at San Diego Comic Con but as we’ve probably said in the past, is it really going to be at SDCC?

Screening a fan film at a place where big companies are showing off their new movies etc sounds very unlikely or at the least unusual also those who own the rights to Star Trek would not be very happy with SDCC organizers.

Screening it in a cinema down the road is not the San Diego Comic Con, it is just plain old San Diego and that is false advertising.


It is like saying I will be doing a Super Bowl podcast at the Super Bowl but in reality I am doing a podcast in a bar down the road on the night of the Super Bowl, it might be the same city but it is not the same place.

Looking at the map of cinemas, it appears that three are close to the convention centre that hosts SDCC but none of them are at the convention centre.

Saying that it will be at SDCC would give Axanar some look of legitimacy or high prestige compared to current fan film offerings but going to such lengths is not needed.

There’s no need to attempt to show off or big note the production or boast when the need doesn’t exist.

Nobody is going to mind if it is not shown off at SDCC or STLV or any well known congregation of fans, what they care about that the fan film is signed, sealed and delivered.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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