Axanar Trailer Review

March 16 2020

Axanar premiered its new trailer today and it is longer than previous releases.

The CGI is solid with no changes in quality and the narration (voice over) by JG Hertzler is fantastic, the narration would be its biggest strength.

The editing lets the production down, there are so many quick cuts and it gives that blinking kind of feeling and it hurt the eyes too.

Some of the trailer looks smooth other parts have that quick cut/blinking like look to it, it feels really odd.

You’ll briefly see that they promote the amount of awards that Prelude to Axanar won (46) and that they proclaim themselves to be creators of the #1 Star Trek fan film of all time which is possible but it depends on who you ask.

In terms of views Prelude to Axanar are not number one as Horizon is number one by about 7 million views.

In terms of controversy and expense then Axanar is number one by a very large margin.

In terms of popularity, Axanar may be ahead of Horizon though Horizon was made and has sailed through fandom with a minimum of attention in recent years.

They also have Newsweek’s comment that it is the ultimate fan film, the guess is that as the two parts of Axanar are another part of the Prelude to Axanar story they all count as one.

Don’t forget that no matter how they sliced it, Interlude is a sequel to Prelude to Axanar as the action takes place the second after Prelude to Axanar ends, sounds complicated but it is what it is.

The trailer borrows a fair amount of footage from Prelude to Axanar, the Vulcan scene and the previous Axanar trailer.

Kate Vernon’s appearance in Prelude to Axanar makes an appearance in the trailer though it is still unknown if she appears in the two part production.

Gary Graham’s scene in the Vulcan scene that is shown in the trailer may be because they haven’t filmed any new scenes with him, his participation is still unknown but is currently expected.

You’ll see plenty of reaction shots in the trailer and Alec Peters is the only actor who is speaking in the trailer aside from JG Hertzler’s narration.

Will people rush to donate to the production despite the Covid-19? Yes
Will people think it is better than anything CBS has made? Yes
Will people think it is real Star Trek? Yes

Overall the trailer did not give a whole lot of new information just new battle scenes and recycled video but at least they didn’t use the Ted Kennedy line that he said in the funeral of Robert Kennedy.

Now we will see how they go with their next lot of filming and if they really do release at San Diego Comic Con as planned.


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