COVID-19 halts Axanar (and everything else)

Axanar’s future production has come to a halt as COVID-19 has forced the shutdown of every fan production and TV production that needs a large amount of cast and crew.

Despite this setback, Funds are steadily being raised with $8010 of the $30,000 total so far and this does not count the money that flows on YouTube.

COVID-19 has no doubt killed off the idea of Axanar premiering near (not at) the San Diego Comic Con this year as SDCC is obviously not expected to be happening and neither are other big Star Trek conventions.

It is not all bad news for Axanar fans as there are three shows running at the moment with Morning Trek, Axanar After Dark and Axanar Confidential and they are split between the Axanar and Axanar Live! channels on YouTube.

So Axanar fans have nothing to worry about, they can still donate either on Ares Digital or YouTube and watch all the video shows until this COVID-19 goes away.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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