Franchise theory

April 4 2020

A while ago, I remarked that Axanar was a franchise in a franchise and people thought that was funny.

Take a look at things now at Ares Studios and you will see that hats are for sale, patches are for sale, pins are for sale, drawings are for sale, t-shirts are for sale and more and all of them are Axanar branded.

The items may be sold at Ares Studios but everyone knows Ares is a piece of Axanar because Ares Studio branded videos are on the Axanar channel and the owner is the same person.

Then you’ve got Axanar Comics which is separate to Axanar Productions yet you’ll find the boss of Axanar Comics being on Axanar shows.

Then you got Interlude, the fan production set moments after Prelude to Axanar ends, a production that has had a lot smoother ride the more talked about Axanar Part IV and V and other productions could follow suit if COVID-19 goes away quick enough.

It would be interesting if Axanar based stories turn out to be like the Beethoven series, movies that were pumped out with the quality going down with every entry (Death Wish and American Pies are others).

It is remarkable that CBS lets Axanar or Ares Studios keep on doing what they’re doing but maybe Axanar and Ares Studios have done what nobody else has managed to do, make an unofficial business but act like an official business competing with an official business it is based off by using its trademarks (so it is a franchise within a franchise).

Until next time, be good to each other.


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