Six Figures for Axanar?

June 3 2020

The picture of Axanar’s cost is becoming clear as time goes on but not totally solid, here is how they stand right now.

$50,000 for Shoot 1
$3,500 for Shoot 2
$35,000 for Shoot 3 and 4
$15,000 for Post Production

That is a total of $103,500 and so it would be the last of the fan productions that is made in the six figures.

It’s higher if you count the original costs of Shoot 1 that were transferred to Ares Studios instead of Axanar Productions.

The number could dip under $100,000 as the brains trust of Axanar do not appear to be absolutely certain on costs and if it goes down then the fundraiser goes down in target too.

It is interesting that poster fundraising on Ares Studios raked in almost $10,000 but the Patreon for Ares Studios and Shoot 3 and 4 fundraiser for Axanar are not making a whole lot of progress with the shoot fundraiser making under $400 a week in most cases.

It is also interesting that readers are always reminded that Alec Peters is paying the part of Ares Studio that fans aren’t paying for each month but in all seriousness it is his job to pay every month because it is his business and the majority of business owners do pay their own bills.

Axanar will find the money it needs to get done, it always finds the money in mysterious ways when things are looking not so well.

Maybe 2021 will be the year that the Axanar story is finally put away and we’ll see what happens next.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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