MTM Wrap (30/6/20)

June 30 2020

The last couple of weeks were pretty quiet, so quiet that you could hear a pin drop.

A pin drop was exactly what happened and suddenly it wasn’t quiet any more as Ares Studios announced the release of a new series of pins.

FanSets who make Star Trek pins and have the license to do so have objected to the use of pins made by Ares Studios particularly the House of Kharn one that uses the Klingon Trefoil and it was discussed in Axanar Confidential #67.

Meanwhile Ares Studios have been selling blueprints of the USS Ares and have done really well with them, the second release got some attention when words like ‘Starfleet Command’ and ‘United Federation of Planets’ were used and they changed the ‘Starfleet Command’ to read ‘Starfleet Headquarters’.

The first blueprint release looked pretty generic, there didn’t appear to be anything that indicated they may be stepping on anything Star Trek related.

One other item that may or may not need changing is the USS Ares dedication plaque as that too also says Starfleet Command and you can buy one in the store so if they changed a blueprint maybe they have to alter the plaque at least the ones for sale.

The once reasonably quiet AxaMonitor FB group crowd and Alec Peters were suddenly all fired up and viewers of Alec’s show were treated to some fireworks especially 36 minutes into Axanar Confidential #67.

A lot of people or businesses got mentioned in the commentary and were called everything under the sun but the topic wandered all over the place after it went from haters to CBS to haters to blueprints to CBS to haters etc.

Varg69 wishes that they were MACO so they could take care of the haters, Alec did not give a verbal response though he looked a little surprised by the comment as his train of thought was stopped in its tracks.

The action taken by FanSets is perhaps the first time that a company has objected to what has been sold at Ares Studios and it is different to just people objecting because the IP holders now have to smooth things out.

FanSets probably should not have commented at AxaMonitor’s FB group even if they messaged as a courtesy that they know about what is being pointed out and have taken action.

The last item in the wrap is that the Fundraising shoot is going along very slowly, it picked up $85 in the last week and the Patreon campaign is not going forward at a fast clip of speed either.

It is interesting that the blueprint selling on KickStarter is doing better business than the effort to pay for the studio or the fundraising shoots even though both do get adequate promotion.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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