Is somebody missing?

July 11 2020

As time goes by for the Axanar production, some fans are wondering if Gary Graham will be reprising his role as Ambassador Soval.

Ambassador Soval appeared in Prelude to Axanar and is expected to be in Axanar but Gary Graham has not been mentioned for some time and he hasn’t appeared in episodes of Axanar Confidential where he would be a great guest in terms of viewers.

As many know, Axanar is fundraising for shoots to take place in LA so promoting somebody like Gary Graham being there in LA would no doubt help the money flow Axanar Production’s way.

Perhaps he doesn’t like attention being thrown his way or perhaps he has set sail long ago away from the project

If he has gone then they would no doubt make a reason why he isn’t in Axanar just like when they explained away what happened to Richard Hatch’s character as he sadly died and Tony Todd walked away from the project so his non appearance is explained in Interlude (aka Prelude to Axanar sequel) as being injured in battle.

It doesn’t look like Kate Vernon is making an appearance either, if this is true then four of the six cast members of Prelude to Axanar will not be in Axanar.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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