Axaroids (Asteroids)

July 18 2020

I made an Axanar video game well sort of.

A while back I learned how to make a version of Asteroids on Game Maker and thought it was pretty cool to learn and make my own, even making the simplest game gives you an appreciation of how hard game coders work as one little mistake can kill your game.

Today while I had time on my hands, I was thinking about a game fans made long ago where the NX-01 shoots asteroids and I wanted to see if I could draw a Starship in the game I made.

So while browsing through AxaMonitor’s FB group, I found a copy of the Ares and drawn a version of it (called it the USS Airees) and thankfully it isn’t a big image in the game because the bridge section looks a little R rated when it was zoomed in during the construction phase.


Then I stuck it in the game and it worked and then I thought I’ll change the UFO in my original game to a Klingon D6 and it looks alright except sometimes the ship runs backwards, I will have to see if it can be flipped.

I tried to put in phaser fire sounds but it drove me nuts because of rapid fire it is a continuous wave of sound so the generic 70’s sound stayed put, added in the explosions and bang, one ready to go basic Axanar game except I call it Axaroids (makes it sound like Aster-roids).


Every level you start you’ll hear ‘Fire at Will!’ and I got my score around 12,000 points which was decent of me as I am as good a gamer as I am a pixel art person (or any art), not very good.

There’s also a pause function too and when escape is pressed, the game exits.

This game will most likely never be public, it was made just to see how it looked and maybe play when I need to use up five minutes.

If you have something like Game Maker, you could make your own version in a day by following YouTube tutorials and doing your own art, it’s pretty cool as you pass each step.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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