A Taste of Interlude

July 23 2020

Interlude, the fan film of a fan film is on it’s way, soon.

While it is being all polished up, ‘A taste of Interlude’ was released on the 17th by Jonathan Lane and today (July 23) the Axanar channel put it on their channel.

I use Jonathan’s copy because it doesn’t have video links pop up halfway through it like the Axanar channel one does which I am sure they’ll fix up in the future (and they did).

The VFX and SFX both look and sound good, it’s all the visual goodness you saw in Prelude to Axanar so don’t worry about them getting inferior VFX.

The Red Alert screen has me curious as you can see on the right side ‘foun’, it must of been some sort of computer menu left on the screen and they forgot to get it out the way.

The acting is interesting, this clip shows Alec Peters doing more live action acting than the five words you heard in the Interlude trailer (Weapons free, Fire all weapons!).

Alec’s performance in Interlude will be a good indicator of how he’ll be when Axanar is released sometime this year or next year depends on how Covid-19 decides to act.

Chief Leonov sounds Scottish in the video while in an interview video for Axanar (see below), he sounds entirely different, maybe this is because he was drafted in for Interlude while he was on the go and he wasn’t quite in Chief Leonov mode.

It will be interesting to see where they will put Interlude, will it be on Jonathan’s channel, Ares Studios channel or Axanar’s channel?

The power of the Axanar channel compared to the Ares Studios channel or Jonathan’s channel is obvious as the short video has thousands of views compared to the just over 300 that Jonathan has of the same video.

People will watch Interlude, will it be as popular as Prelude to Axanar? Maybe but it will be financially good news for Axanar especially if it goes up on their channel and the fundraiser is heavily promoted.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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