Being a Star Trek fan can be strange

July 27 2020

Being a Star Trek fan can be strange and confusing at times.

Fans hate Lower Decks and they have only seen two minutes of it, how can anybody figure out how good or bad a show is in two minutes?

Star Trek fans hated The Next Generation when it was announced and sneak peeks were shown on VHS copies of Star Trek IV, the same happened when DS9 came along, the same happened when Voyager came along and then Enterprise had the same treatment.

Personally I wasn’t a big fan of most of The Doctor episodes on Voyager and the latter seasons felt like Star Trek: Seven of Nine as well but if somebody likes them that’s good for them because they are entitled to enjoy the episodes as they see fit to, it’s their TV, it is their time, they spend it how they wish.

All Star Trek series have their issues because nobody is perfect and mistakes can happen or maybe they forgot something but at the end of the day I see the repeats of episodes on 10 Bold and watch the first minute and decide if I want to watch the episode that is airing or not and if I don’t I can always tune in to the next episode tomorrow.

Fans can spend too much time looking to see what political wing a Star Trek show is pointing towards, are the characters Social Justice Warriors? Does it have too much or too little of Gays or Lesbians or other forms of relationships and genders? How much combat is in it? Is the main character there to fill a racial or gender requirement?

What we see on our screens is meant to take us away from the real world, don’t get sucked into comparing the fictional universe and the real universe because you’ll just ruin for yourself the chance to be entertained.

People who rave and scream and rant on YouTube about how bad Star Trek is are most likely doing it for either attention or money, there are plenty of people out there who do their rants so they can get presents and cash off fans and they rake in the cash and presents in three figure bunches.

People have their own definitions of what Star Trek is and some say the fan production Axanar is ‘Real Star Trek’ and Star Trek (2009) etc is not yet Axanar and Star Trek (2009) share the same ship designs and weapons that people jump up and down in anger about, confusing isn’t it?

People say there is too much ‘pew pew’ in Star Trek yet want a fan production that is about war or they don’t want to pay $6 or so for Star Trek yet will pay more than that every month for a fan studio.

The world is full of contradictions, it is difficult not to be contradictory in this fast paced world where information pours in rapidly, all we can do is try be as straight lined as possible in thought and action.

Lastly there is no such thing as a ‘True Star Trek fan’, you can like or know as much or as little as you like but just be respectful to others who may find enjoyment in what you don’t enjoy.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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