Gary Graham leaves Axanar

July 30 2020

Gary Graham has officially left the Axanar project in an announcement that was made today.

Some didn’t believe the news when it came onto Fan Film Forum even when screenshots were taken straight from Gary Graham’s own account to back up the claim.

Jonathan Lane has a scheduled call with Alec Peters tomorrow and undoubtedly they will discuss the situation and it will be in print and/or audio format as it usually is when Jonathan checks in on Alec and his production.

Alec Peters made one comment and that is that Gary Graham wanted $25,000 to reprise his role as Ambassador Soval.

There are reports that a second person related to Axanar has also left but his departure has not been announced, some say Mr. Hertzler but that is impossible because he made an appearance on Axanar Confidential a few weeks ago and stuck to the production like glue.

Those who follow Axanar’s adventures should perhaps think about who has not appeared on Axanar Confidential or has not been mentioned for some time.

Axanar will be made but in terms of Star Trek star power, it will be down to one star instead of the five who appeared on Prelude to Axanar making it almost just like a routine fan film in this post guideline era of fan films.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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