MTM Wrap (7/8/20)

August 7 2020

A political disagreement followed payment disagreement followed by the possibility of Strange New Worlds is apparently what led to Gary Graham officially leaving Axanar, the disagreements started to happen late last year and things ended last week.

The Vulcan scene will not be in the two 15 minute parts so it will always be standing alone on the Axanar channel.

Gary’s departure set off a lot of discussion as he reportedly left in December but didn’t officially announce his leaving until last week, cast members or staff who depart have to do their own announcing.

There are reports in AxaMonitor that somebody else has left the Axanar production, nobody is saying who but it’s pretty obvious if you watch enough of Trek After Dark or Axanar Confidential.

The October shoot is said to have been bloated in cost and that it should of cost 15 to 20 thousand dollars instead of the fifty thousand dollars, one cast member also needs to be recast as their footage was reportedly unusable.

The October shoot fundraiser was originally budgeted to cost 70 thousand but 20 thousand was assigned to Ares Studios making it a 50 thousand dollar target on Axanar Productions side of the fence.

Carlos Pedraza appeared on Trekzone for the first time in over a year, Matt Miller has been doing a lot of Talkin’ Science shows as well as A Trekzone Conversation and had gotten around to checking up on Axanar.

While the above was being uploaded or just airing on YouTube, Axanar’s channel was terminated by YouTube therefore wiping the channel completely so nobody can see the Axanar trailers and Prelude to Axanar etc though a lot of Axanar content is on the Ares Studios channel.

Some Axanar fans claim it was the haters doing (10 to 1 odds) but if it was the haters then Ares Studios would of been pulled too because Alec Peters has been very verbal in his thoughts on people that may be in breach of rules.

Axanar has filed an appeal and it is expected to take three to seven days, if it does stay off it will be interesting to see where Interlude winds up as the Axanar channel had a lot more muscle than Axanar

Chances are it will be promoted on Axanar’s Facebook page with a link to go to the Ares Studios.

Lower Decks is still not being shown outside North America but people think it will come soon, apparently the ‘Fandom Menace’ thinks this shows the series is in deep trouble but that is nothing new as they thought Discovery will fail and Picard will fail etc.

That’s just some of the news that is around at this present time.

Until next time, be good to each other.



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