MTM Wrap (11/8/20)

They say in Australia that a week is a long time in Football, the same can apply in the world of Axanar.

The Axanar YouTube Channel was terminated shortly after Carlos Pedraza appeared on Trekzone and the termination remained for a couple of days with the channel only returning today, it was apparently fixed with the help of someone who charged $200 for their services.

In the early hours of Sunday in Australia, it was announced by Paul Jenkins and META Studios that Paul Jenkins had left Axanar.

Alec Peters responded that he had fired Paul Jenkins on June 18th and now there are threats of lawsuits in the air, this was the second of two statements as the first one was deleted but comment sections in various groups still had the statement.

Paul Jenkins should take this time to stay quiet and just let Alec Peters do all the talking either by him just talking on his live streams or when he gets angered by a question, the less you say, the less they have in court and they more they say, the more you have in court should it get there.

Alec Peters had a lot to say about Paul Jenkins, Christian Gossett, Robert Meyer Burnett, Gabe Koerner, Wil Wheaton and Haters in Trek After Dark #94.

Some in the Axanar world call the first three wannabe directors although Christian Gossett has in recent years directed two TV episodes of a show called Pandora which is more than Prelude to Axanar and the two Axanar parts put together in length.

Alec even said that Christian’s comic and later video game ‘The Red Star’ was done only because of Christian’s personal life.

One of the comments Alec made about Paul Jenkins was that the second camera in the October shoot was not functioning and he was not informed of this fact for a month.

Wil Wheaton was mentioned because of his past thoughts on Axanar, thoughts that go back a couple of years and he may not even remember the occasion.

Gabe was said to have texted Axanar Security guy Dale Simpson, Gabe responded on the live chat that he doesn’t have Dale’s number but the comment was deleted after Alec halted his show to type a command to his Producer and the message from Gabe was deleted.

Trek After Dark #94 was strangely marked Private after the show possibly because what was said by Alec Peters may have resulted in legal trouble from somebody unimpressed by what was said.

Trek After Dark #95 which was done today was a toned down version of Trek After Dark #94 with Paul Jenkins getting the majority of the mentions though RMB and Tiana Armstrong also had mentions.

Some people may of noticed that Axanar Comics underwent a name change and is now Mac’s World Entertainment, it was revealed on Trek After Dark #95 that the owner of Mac’s World Entertainment and Alec Peters parted ways.

Alec’s announcement was unusual as he doesn’t like to announce that people have left the Axanar world, the news was half a pat on the back and part a kick up the bum but Trey will do alright, he has a diverse amount of interests that will keep his channel going on.

One of the things noticed is that Alec hops from topic to topic, one sentence he could be talking about RMB but the next Tiana Armstrong so you don’t know if he is talking about the RMB or Tiana or something entirely different.

Alec talks a lot about rules of Hollywood but he isn’t in Hollywood, he’s in Georgia and Georgia isn’t Hollywood, the industry is a lot smaller and lesser known to people and what is going on in Georgia probably aren’t known in Hollywood unless your work lands on the right desk over there and Axanar being a fan film is unlikely unless it is ViacomCBS and their legal department.

The Axanar camp seems pretty happy with the way things are going for them, it will be interesting to see what happens over the coming weeks or months etc.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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