The gathering storm is here

August 15 2020

We all knew a storm was coming and now it is here as Alec Peters has sued Paul Jenkins.

The world has been given the opportunity to check out the complaint that was lodged in its entirety.

There are a few mistakes in the court complaint including one where it says Axanar Productions, Inc is a non-profit film production company but records says Axanar Productions, Inc is a Domestic Profit Corporation.

For anyone curious, Ares Studios is a Domestic Nonprofit Corporation and Ares Productions Inc is a Domestic Profit Corporation.

You can see the above for yourself by clicking on this link and then typing in Axanar Productions, Inc or any of the others in ‘Business Name’.

A lot of the many points in the complaint would only be known to a few people but some things on there can either be proven or disproved by public knowledge.

It appears a lot of people who challenge Alec in court or are sued by Alec get a settlement deal from Alec or give Alec a settlement, it is always hard to know which way it goes as confidentiality doesn’t give people the answer.

Paul Jenkins will probably not say much about what is going on publicly and Alec Peters does give descriptions of his day like when he described his day after doing a deposition in a previous case.

It will be interesting to see if this court case goes all the way to the end or whether it be another case that is settled and we will never know the outcome.

Meanwhile Ted Brunetti has been announced as the new director of Axanar, it is unlikely that he will be bugged by people or harassed or anything that sounds absurd, he is apparently very talented, good luck to him.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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