The first roast

August 19 2020

Ares Studios had it’s first “Haters Roast” yesterday.

The roast may of sounded familiar to some as Trek After Dark #94 had some of the exact same topics with almost the exact same words.

The show was meant to produce laughs at ‘haters’ expense but it may brought laughs at Alec Peters expense as well .

Robert Meyer Burnett, Christian Gossett, Carlos Pedraza, Marcus Blazingstroke, Paul Jenkins, Shawn O’Halloran and Tiana Armstrong all got mentions in the forty-five minute event.

AxaMonitor FB group and Axanar don’t have the greatest relationship on earth, it probably has one of the worst ones as both sides have low opinions of each other though the AxaMonitor website is far more polite.

One insults the other so the other insults them and it sounds fair enough to most though airing thoughts on YouTube may be considered taking things too far.

Telling one or the other to stop is like standing in front of a train going at full speed and expecting it to come to a sudden halt and everybody knows that’s an impossibility.

Some time was devoted to Alec’s thoughts on people’s occupations and their lives, Alec Peters believes his life and those who support Axanar are better than the ‘haters’.

Occupation doesn’t matter, wealth doesn’t matter, health and happiness matters, if somebody is healthy and are happy with their lives then that is all that matters, being a professional at something doesn’t mean your life is automatically better than somebody who cleans city parks or takes away your rubbish.

The boast about money was interesting, if Alec Peters has plenty of money and gets plenty of money from lawsuits, then why do fans have to pay the rent for his Studio and pay for Axanar to be made when he can just do it all himself?

The Ares Studios YouTube channel say that Ares is the “first fan-owned movie studio” but fans who donate to Ares Studios don’t own a piece of it, they just pay the bills and have no say on matters.

The roast did display one weakness, if prodded enough online Alec Peters will explode on YouTube and one day one of those explosions will cost him the Axanar channel as he will violate some of YouTube’s terms.

If the Axanar channel goes under, there goes all the 90,000 or so subscribers, the millions of views, the ability to pass around the Prelude to Axanar video and the incentive of people to donate so Axanar can get its money.

Will other roasts happen? maybe but it wouldn’t be a wise idea to do another one especially if the above comes true.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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