MTM Wrap (25/9/20)

September 25 2020

The Alec Peters vs Paul Jenkins war started to descend into the ‘Phoney War’ stage until a couple of new developments blew that idea to Kingdom Come.

After starting to talk about Paul Jenkins at the 5 minute mark of Axanar After Dark #112, Alec said “my lawyers advised me not to talk about Paul Jenkins” at the 10 minute mark and moved to the people who came before him.

Axanar After Dark #113 (watch from 2:17) revealed that Axanar has got a video ready based on the footage from the October shoot and the interesting part is the line “we’re going do that we should reshoot everything” when talking about Jonathan Lane’s recommendations.

Then today, A Correction, Retraction and Clarification: Why Axanar Terminated Paul Jenkins was published on

No doubt the Correction, Retraction and Clarification will get people talking and the message will be ripped apart to see what statements are true and what is false etc.

One thing that must be said is that Axanar After Dark # 94 – Prelude to Axanar Watch Party is a politer version than the hidden Axanar After Dark #94 that was set to private moments after the stream ended, that one was way nastier.

That should be it for a couple of days as nothing bad is usually said on Axanar Confidential and other Ares Studios shows are on until early next week, it is possible that anything said on AxaMonitor’s FB group will get a reaction, time will tell.

AxaMonitor’s FB group has been largely quiet until today’s events with five posts made, one is about Star Trek, one is about the Ares Class, one is a movie poster, one is a paraphrased quote by Margaret Thatcher and the last is about the Axanar post.

He’s moving forward again

Elsewhere, Matt Miller hit a bit of a brick wall on Star Trek Away Team as one mission was hard to pass and he had to go back to the drawing board but he got through it and as the video thumbnail shows his away team is on Romulus.

I’m playing Birth of The Federation and in Domination mode I can get about 300 turns in before everyone crushes me militarily but it is a fun game and if you get the right version online, it can be played on Windows 10.

Discovery will be on Netflix in Australia, there was a worry that they would be withdrawing it for Paramount+ but it isn’t which is good news, bring on October 16.

Some think that Paramount+ copied Disney+ but if you lived in Australia you can say they copied from 7plus, funny isn’t it?.

That’s it for all the news at the moment in this most interesting week of events.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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