MTM Wrap (2/10/20)

October 2 2020

If you’re looking at the below you’ll see After Dark #115 (they forgot Axanar): A Correction, Retraction and Clarification: Why Axanar Terminated Paul Jenkins.

It is Alec Peters reading out his statement that he posted on September 24, he was asked by his attorney to read it out on video.

Skip to 6 minutes and 50 seconds for the background information leading up to the statement and the statement is read out at 14:27 until 19:05 and then he talks about Paul and Christian Gossett and the Axanar plan from there which may interest people.

COVID-19 has ensured that this Axanar journey will go into 2021 with the Atlanta shoot and then the Los Angeles shoot and by the middle of next year Axanar will reportedly be shown at conventions though it is suspected they’ll be shown in the same suburb not the same location.

Meanwhile Matt Miller at Trekzone continues with Away Team and is making progress, it’s nice to see these games though sometimes I wish I could hear Matt in case he gets frustrated etc because gaming can be so emotional especially when things go wrong and we’ve all given our controllers or keyboards a bash sometime in frustration but then again having just gameplay is nice as well.

Not much is happening in the AxaMonitor FB group, there’s a new poster by Marcus Blazingstroke and there’s talk about the USDA which I have no idea about because I am not American and I am not well versed in how the USDA works and how it is possible to get something from them and all the rest.

Lower Decks ends Season 1 next week, they will be back for another season and yes people are happy about it existing and some are really unhappy about the fact they will continue on but if you thought the groans about Lower Decks were loud, wait for them to start up on October 16 for Discovery which I am very eager to watch and find out what happens.

Remember Star Trek fans, you have the right to watch whatever series or movie you want to watch and people should respect your choice and you should respect their choices if they don’t want to .

There’s no such thing as a real Star Trek fan, there’s no such thing as a Drekkie or whatever words people like to throw around because it makes them feel good for a brief moment in time or perhaps it is the gifts they receive from people that gives them the greatest pleasure from saying those words.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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