The stakes are higher now

October 20 2020

By now many of you who keep with up Axanar related news and views will have seen on AxaMonitor the news of the release of messages and the entire settlement between Alec Peters and CBS/Paramount (now ViacomCBS).

The settlement appears to have been breached multiple times, the shield that is Ares Studios appears to not be a shield at all as Alec Peters was sued as an individual and the settlement appears to apply to him wherever he goes, whatever he does, no matter what the company name is as long as he is in charge.

The material from the FB conversations is disturbing, to read about the desire to hire someone to kill somebody who disagrees with the way things have been done is despicable, it is dangerous.

Don’t forget how a bunch of men were recently arrested for planning to commit crimes against the Governor of Michigan all because they thought they were told by the President of the United States to do something (Liberate Michigan), it shows if you truly believe in something or someone you may do something horrible to back that belief up even if the person who set things in motion were just joking or they had meant something else.

I once read that the death of a detractor’s relative was pretty much celebrated in another conversation in fact the word karma was used, that is also despicable.

It is as despicable as the time Alec Peters said that the allegations against Vic were karma for his thoughts about Axanar, alleged sexual misconduct was not experienced by people so one person on the planet can get satisfaction that the person was accused of committing such acts.

Time to time in the AxaMonitor FB group you will see comments that are distasteful, they are usually dealt with pretty quickly with advice to tone it down or it is completely shut down but some can slip through the cracks when messages are flying thick and fast.

A man’s status of wealth or a woman’s job should never be targeted and neither should where a man does or does not sleep or what he does, it is easy to want to throw something right back at somebody who says something about you but stop for a moment, think things through there may be another, much nicer way to hit back and get the result you desire.

Looking at the Alec Peters vs Paul Jenkins battle and it seems there is a stack of material to go through, you may want to learn how to look sideways in sections as a lot of the evidence section is sideways in particular all the FB messages but that is required to fit them on the page.

When it is mentioned that Axanar had $20,795 in the bank, that is a true statement as the fundraiser was at that total around May 15 when the conversation was had.

There’s no question that there was a lack of harmony in the ranks at Axanar despite all the positive reports that were going on at the time, there was definitely a clash of thoughts, beliefs and actions and it got worse over time, the old saying “Stay in your lane” was obviously not observed.

Part of the exhibits shown chatter about the attempt to get an AxaMonitor member fired from his job which is well known, what is little known is Jonathan Lane’s concern that if Axanar’s fans (and workers) succeeded in getting the man fired then what would stop an AxaMonitor member from emailing Axanar workers employers and getting those people fired for wishing death or something on people?

Thankfully revenge plots did not take place, it would of been disastrous for all parties concerned, one day a life could be damaged or completely destroyed if we’re not careful as human beings even right now ‘haters’ could make a certain person’s employment chances drop if they wanted to try but thankfully they aren’t interested.

Page 93 of the First Amended Answer and Exhibits_FINAL-E-LUHTSJ2M-ACCEPTED document is interesting because somebody (Alec?) says “I’m waiting for a heater or two to drop dead”, they obviously mean hater (as said later on in the exhibit) but again it shows the desire for people to die which is despicable.

I am unsure if what has been posted in recent days will destroy Axanar, it may cost them donors but unless something legal goes pear shaped for Alec Peters, the show will probably continue on because there is enough fans to keep the wheels turning financially and if Axanar push out videos it will keep interest up and the cash flowing but it sure isn’t flowing like the pre Discovery, Picard and Lower Decks money days (no matter if you like them or not) or especially pre-lawsuit money days.

There hasn’t been any Alec only live streams since all the information was put online and follow up posts were made, nothing has been said in the public groups though it is unknown if anything is said privately, it would be a good idea to not say a word on the live stream shows (or any kind) but restraint is difficult to achieve based on past events, especially when the big fans are curious and urge on with messages of support.

No doubt there is more to say on this subject but that’s it for now, it is time to watch some TV.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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