Peace throughout some lands

October 23 2020

AxaMonitor vs Jonathan Lane
Detractors vs Jonathan Lane
(insert name here) vs Jonathan Lane

The above looks familiar doesn’t it? The situation also works the other way around too.

One side would attack the other and the other side would dutifully shoot back and it would go on and on like it has for the last couple of years.

Family members would be attacked, livelihoods would be attacked and nobody stopped and wondered about the cost of it all until today.

Today is the day that people started to find reason, common sense finally entered the minds of long time internet combatants, it is something that has been asked for some time, years in fact but nobody wanted to think about it, nobody wanted to act on it until today.

Now it is not a complete peace, there are some out there feel that Jonathan Lane is so closely attached to Axanar and he has delivered Alec Peters everything from donors to ego boosts and because of that he doesn’t deserve peace but maybe that feeling will change with time.

But we will be seeing a lot less “Slow Lane” comments, no more couch comments, no more long blogs, better times are ahead if everyone can restrain themselves from having a dig.

Hopefully this isn’t a Sike move which is always a possibility but paranoia is something we should keep away from otherwise doubts appear and ruin things.

I feel like having a Coke, don’t you?

Until next time, be good to each other.


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