The mud is slung again

April 24 2021

Time to time in the Axanar saga you see both sides trading insults at each other and they can get really personal.

There’s a bunch of conversations from Axanar’s inner circle in AxaMonitor’s hands at the moment and there are some very unpleasant things said, some are so unpleasant that a lawyer has to look through them.

The above has seemed to have gotten Alec’s attention as he recently posted a response about it in The Real Truth About Axanar with a series of screenshots of the thoughts of a couple of people regarding him.

Now there are a stack of comments in AxaMonitor’s FB group that are not pleasant, some members can’t help themselves and they rattle off jokes at Alec’s expense or somebody else on occasion mostly about his bodily functions and the occasional thing about his relationship.

Both sides tend to look at the psychological health of the opposite side, Axanar’s inner circle likes to compare lives like what jobs people have, what their achievements are, that is really just an ego inflating exercise.

Is going through law school worth more than a couple of decades of employment at place you enjoy? Is being a former NCAA winning Assistant Coach in Volleyball worth more than having a couple of kids and being happy? It’s all absurd no matter which way you turn the table.

If you have to compare your life to somebody else then you may just be an insecure person because you are seeking to justify your life by worrying about what everyone else is doing.

Both sides have failed to realize that slinging insults at each other doesn’t make them look the better side, it makes them look foolish if people really know the score.

If people really want to throw a spanner in Axanar’s works, focus on the issues like money and contradictions and if Axanar wants to look best, they just got to keep trying to get people to say dumb things and play victim while doing your regular business because those devoted will never look at what’s been thrown the other direction.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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