MTM Wrap (30/4/21)

April 30 2021

Interlude is now settled in on the Axanar channel and it has its new scene in place of the ones that had Paul Jenkins as Commander Preston.

The majority of the comments are saying that Interlude is better than anything ViacomCBS releases but if you take a look around most fan productions, those comments are not uncommon because they appear there no matter the quality of the fan film.

Let’s get one thing straight, ViacomCBS and Paramount Pictures will never, ever work with Alec Peters, the big time is closed to him at ViacomCBS and Paramount Pictures, they simply do not reward people who disregard IP rights and settlement agreements.

Fans are crediting the wrong people for Interlude, it is supposed to be Jonathan Lane, Victoria Fox and Josh Irwin and their production names not Alec Peters and Axanar but is understandable if you just click or tap on the video after seeing its on Axanar’s channel and you don’t read the fine print.

There’s some confusion over the Peters vs. Jenkins case, Jonathan Lane said recently that Paul sued Alec and Alec said he sued Paul, Alec is correct as he did sue Paul and Paul countersued and that’s where they’re at.

AxaMonitor is still undergoing changes on Facebook, people are not happy about the speed the changes are being built up but people should be patient, we are all human beings and things can get missed or misunderstood or not understood and of course people work so things online have to wait.

For a brief moment of insanity, I wondered if I should put my hand up for being an admin or moderator on AxaMonitor’s FB group but I don’t think they would like my style very much.

People who don’t like Alec have got to know that the name calling etc. isn’t going to work, it is just giving Alec opportunities to tell people how bad his “haters” are.

Most debates about Axanar go round and round in circles and usually touch upon the distant past, examples are how much money Axanar has spent and what people have gotten in return, Carlos did not check the financial books when offered to, Money issues related to Rob and Christian etc.

Yes Alec Peters has spent $200,000 of his own money on Axanar actually it’s more now because it’s been $200,000 for a couple of years now but it is his hobby or his business and paying for your business or hobby is what you’re supposed to do.

Carlos Pedraza could of seen Axanar’s financials but checking out a production and studios financials and understanding the complexities of them isn’t his area of expertise so he couldn’t tell you definitively if everything lined up, it is believed he asked if somebody who did know could have a look and it was declined.

When a topic goes back to the old days, what has gone on in the present gets forgotten and when the topic dies its natural death after a few days, nothing changes in the Axanar world so the topic should always be focused on the present and the chatter should always stay on point.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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