MTM Wrap (28/5/21)

May 28 2021

Ares Studios is currently moving locations and they are now also a public charity aka 501(c)(3).

The move has ensured that they save $1000 a month though they are still short of fans covering the rent and utilities.

The thing about fan film sets is that fans are expected to cover the majority or totality of a sets expenses because unless you own a big building and can comfortably afford it, you need a lot of money to keep it operational.

The trade off is that if fans pay for a portion or totality of expenses then they will get fan films in return but fans are also expected to chip in for fan films from a small portion to a total payment.

Is paying for a fan film studio worth it? Ares Studios’ have had a portion of their bills paid by fans when it has been forced to be idle in recent times due to covid but even before covid it hasn’t seen a lot of business outside of school kids and Interlude.

Don’t forget that there are future plans to move Ares Studios to a purpose built location so that will require fan support as well when the time comes.

Meanwhile for a couple of it days it was Emmett vs. Jeff on Twitter, it all started when Alec approached Emmett to do something related to Axanar, Emmett is not a big fan of Alec’s and made his thoughts on that pretty clear to Alec and then on Twitter.

Emmett and Jeff then clashed on Twitter and Jeff quickly learned that Emmett has no hesitation in pushing back especially if somebody is doing something considered wrong in his eyes.

There’s a new player on the scene on Twitter and that is @AxAnon_ and this person is not afraid to give an opinion on the subject, nobody knows who it is and it is probably the safest option as we’ve all seen people try and ruin lives on Twitter.

AxaMonitor’s Twitter account has been claimed to be run by Shawn though everyone knows that it is Carlos and has always been Carlos.

AxaMonitor has appeared to have survived the events of a few weeks ago, events threatened to rip AxaMonitor apart but it is still standing and no doubt plenty has been learned and will be dealt with better in the future.

There is the possibility that Axanar will have a panel at now not ViacomCBS endorsed STLV event and that has people a little unhappy about that possibility though it could provide Axanar an incentive to get completed because it seeks a big opening somewhere.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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