MTM Wrap (9/6/21)

June 9 2021

Fan Films are going to have panels at the Las Vegas event run by Creation Entertainment, Axanar’s announced participation was not met with 100% approval on Twitter.

Alec Peters has responded by encouraging his Axanar fans to email Creation with their positive experiences regarding Axanar.

This has also inspired those who have had unpleasant experiences with Axanar to report their experiences to Creation.

Would Creation do anything about it? Probably not unless they find the stories have really turned them off from Axanar’s participation.

Our last report mentioned that it was Emmett vs. Jeff on Twitter, this conflict has been concluded as it burned out after a few days like most discussions do on Twitter.

While you may think that this means the subject was done and dusted, it became a discussion topic for Alec Peters who mailed his thoughts off to the thousands of people whose email addresses are on his lists as well as posting it in the blog section of

Jeff reportedly had to meet his bosses over stuff said online, the outcome does not seem to be certain as some say he was fired and some the bosses found it all amusing, in response Alec seems interested in Emmett not being employed by ViacomCBS in any way.

The thing about ‘Toxic Fandom’ is that Alec himself doesn’t say nice things to people like calling them a**holes, losers and bozos just to name a few of the names he has for people whether they deserved it or not.

This new blowup has come right when Trekzone was preparing to release an interview with Emmett that talked about a variety of subjects including Alec’s failed approach to Emmett for the audio version of Axanar, the version of Axanar that is seemingly safe from ViacomCBS.

The silver lining is that Emmett may be a future returning guest on Trekzone because of his interesting opinions and knowledge about the entertainment world that has interested viewers/listeners.

Lastly, Axanar’s Twitter has blocked MTM, not a big deal because people take so many screenshots of what people say that the world knows what is going on without the need to go look hard for it also there are ways to still see the action.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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