Star Trek The Video Game

August 25 2021

Have you ever played Star Trek The Video Game?

I started playing it years ago and then stopped playing it as it was a frustrating experience, I had nothing to do the other night and to cure my boredom I reinstalled it and I still had a saved file so I resumed about 60% through the game.

It was good that the game had the voices of the Star Trek 2009 cast and the characters look pretty good because as you know some likeness efforts can go by the wayside, the Enterprise looked really good and it made me wish I could use the ship.

The stun setting was pretty cool, you stun your attacker and rush in to knock them out but you do tend to forget to use stun and kill infected Enterprise crew members because you got to use the centre mouse button to fire stun.

The stun setting was also helpful when you want to kill Gorn in less shots and you’ve got the tech on, you stun them first, a part of them would be highlighted in red and then you just shot that location.

I think the Star Trek writers loved beating up the poor Enterprise as the ship was heavily damaged in all three movies (the last of course saw the Enterprise destroyed) and it was heavily damaged in the game.

Star Trek games are notorious for not being considered great, fans think that there is always something missing in them that stop the games from being timeless classics.

Some say Elite Force I and II are the best Star Trek games ever made followed by Armada with games like Starfleet Academy in contention.

I might continue to play Klingon Academy, I brought that game in 2001 but I don’t think I have finished it unlike Starfleet Academy, maybe it is just too weird to destroy Starfleet ships.

Until next time, be good to each other


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