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September 9 2021

By now everybody knows that an incident taken place at Dragon Con between Alec Peters and Shawn O’Halloran, it was bound to happen some day as both sides have been saying for quite awhile now that the opposite were cowards for not approaching the other.

The legal system is now involved, this was also bound to happen because when things get hot, people get snappy and things then get heated and people in fine clothes (lawyers) end up benefitting the most.

My advice would be to cease chatter about Alec and Shawn on topics that can involve either of them giving input, don’t add them into tweets or anything, don’t entice them to give a little jab on Facebook or on YouTube, just let them be.

We will undoubtedly see talk from people talking about possible fines and jail time, we should let the legal system work all that out, I am sure people don’t want somebody to say “AxaMonitor is intimidating people” or “The Real Truth About Axanar is intimidating people by talking up jail etc.”.

Video of the incident is expected to be in the public arena soon, I will be looking at it closely to see how all the stories online match up to the video and giving a report on it.

Watch it slowly, go back and forth, read what has been said about it and make up your mind, was it a one way street? did two tango? was all the actions justified? was it all wrong?

Hopefully no lives will be destroyed by court action, too many lives already have been.

Until next time, be good to each other.


2 thoughts on “The latest

  1. I really doubt an “altercation” between two middle aged men at a sci-fi convention will lead to jail time for anyone. At this point both sides need to walk away and grow up.


    1. We’ll see what happens but one thing is for sure I doubt they’ll have a second meeting (outside of court), its done, nobody is a coward, one less card in the deck.


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