It Finally Happened

September 9 2021

Shawn O’Halloran and Alec Peters met face to face in Atlanta last weekend and as you would probably suspect, it did not go well.

As many readers know it was not unusual in recent times to go to AxaMonitor or The Real Truth About Axanar and read that Shawn or Carlos etc. were “cowards” for not wanting to talk face to face with Alec and on the other side of the coin Alec was a “coward” for not wanting to talk face to face with them.

While an O’Halloran had an encounter with Alec in Vegas, it was not Shawn and people were commenting that Shawn did not want to approach Alec etc. and the word coward was sprinkled through the Axanar world as it was also claimed that Alec did not want to face up to Shawn.

So Atlanta had their Dragon Con event on the weekend and so Shawn attended the event and he went up to Alec and that’s when it all began.

It’s all on tape or as we put it in this day and age, it’s all on video file from two different video sources.

The Video Footage

It starts when Shawn comes up to Alec and sings Happy Birthday to him (not Marilyn Monroe style) and it really wasn’t a good idea to put in Coward instead of Alec and then Shawn handed Alec a print out that contained Alec’s boasts about going ten rounds with people etc.

Shawn identifying himself using his pass

Alec doesn’t appear to recognize Shawn and then says “Are you really Shawn O’Halloran?” Shawn then shows him his Dragon Con pass that has his name on it and Alec says “Oh You’ve (or you) finally have the nerve to come up and say something”.

Then while Shawn is challenging Alec about the contents of a Facebook comment (see above) that Alec made and later deleted, Alec reaches out from his side of the table and slaps his hand downward forcing Shawn’s phone out of his hands, Alec picks it up as it landed on his side of the table and he stops the recording with the last thing heard was Alec saying that Shawn did not have permission to film.

(Apparently the state of Georgia is a one-party consent state so that renders the request moot and there is also no expectation of privacy as it is a public event.)

Shawn reaches over the table to get his phone back, Alec starts yelling out for security as Shawn asks repeatedly for his phone back, Alec refuses and appears to be playing with Shawn’s phone with the presumed aim of trying to delete the video from the phone.

After the phone was not handed back and a failed second attempt to reach for the phone, Shawn pushed through the tables of the Axanar booth to take the phone back from Alec and the movement knocked down the board with Axanar merchandise on it.

Shawn gets his phone back from Alec as Alec shoves Shawn back with enough force that one of Shawn’s legs was in the air and he is now out of the booth and Alec continues to shout for security.

After repeated calls for Security, they show up a minute after the first call and Alec immediately says “This guy came and assaulted me” and Shawn was talking to the Police Officer while Alec was also trying to the talk to the officer who was talking to Shawn.

Shawn reports to the Police Officer that Alec may of broken two of Shawn’s fingers.

Crysstal reappears from her errands and was talking to Tracey (or Tracy) who was part of the Dragon Con staff and Alec pushes/drags Crysstal away from Tracey/Tracy and said “Tracey/Tracy she’s on our side”, those two then talk in the background with Crysstal appearing distressed.

A man comes up to the officer and reports what he had seen take place and Shawn confirms his statement.

Alec tells people that Shawn has been stalking him for six years and said that he warned security about Shawn and says that Tracy/Tracey was “copied on everything” with Tracey repeatedly tapping on her chest followed by Alec claiming that Shawn came from Las Vegas to attack him, Tracey/Tracy then tells Alec to stop.

Shawn is asked by the police officer what he action he wants taken, the officer explains about the covid restrictions at the jail and says that he can write Alec a copy of the charges and Shawn says “Perfect, lets do that”.

Alec twice says to Shawn “Do you want a piece of this?” thought it is hard to hear it, at times you can hear Alec, Tracy/Tracey, the Police Officer and Shawn plus convention guests all talking at once and it overlaps.

It is probably lucky for Alec that the cop did not hear “Do you want a piece of this?” because anything could of happened for that.

Shawn is taken away from the Axanar booth and he is then talking to officers recounting the events of what happened and that’s where the video ends.

Axanar’s version of events (link here)

In the afternoon on Sunday, Shawn, wearing a mask that covered most of his face, approached the Ares Studios booth, carefully waiting till Crysstal had left to run an errand. Alec was alone in the booth with actor Rob Hayes, and Shawn started yelling and singing “Happy Birthday” ending with “coward” and shoving a copy of one of Alec’s posts from Facebook in Alec’s face.

Yes Shawn did sing Happy Birthday and said Coward instead of Alec, the two have been calling each other cowards for awhile now and Alec’s birthday was recent.

However, Shawn was not yelling and singing Happy Birthday unless Alec meant that Shawn singing Happy Birthday at the top of his voice.

Shawn could of visited the Axanar/Ares Studios booth at any time as he was there for several days and didn’t have to wait for Crysstal to go run an errand, why would he wait for Crysstal to go anyway because Alec would tell her all about it anyhow.

Shawn’s face mask appears to be no different in size when it is compared to the one Alec is wearing or the one Rob Hayes is wearing so it is possible the mask was big enough for Alec to not recognize Shawn at first.

Shawn showing Alec the piece of paper with the Facebook post and it is not in his face.

Shawn did not shove the copy of the post in Alec’s face, Alec reached out and accepted the copy at upper chest height with distance between him and the paper and he read its contents before folding it up, scrunching it up and then tossing it behind him.

“Rob, and two dealers who were close by, noted that Shawn was shouting, using the F-word and being belligerent.  Alec told Rob to go get security.  Continuing to threaten Alec with his actions and words, Shawn shoved his phone in Alec’s face, Alec knocked the phone out of Shawn’s hand, and Shawn crashed through Alec’s booth, put his hands on Alec and grabbed his phone.  Alec started calling for security.

Alec did tell Rob something and Rob then disappeared and you do hear Shawn say “motherf**ker” when Shawn and Alec are talking really fast and over each other but both did use profanity, it was not a one way street.

Shawn’s phone was never in Alec’s face, in fact you don’t see Alec’s face in the footage taken on Shawn’s phone until Alec goes and picks Shawn’s phone up off the ground.

Shawn’s phone camera when it was in his hand was pointed down towards the ground and he was holding the phone close to his body as you get a good look at Alec’s legs and the Axanar merchandise (sold by Ares Studios and owned by Alec).

If Shawn was recording Alec’s face then the phone would have been angled up and you would not have seen Alec’s legs and the Axanar merchandise.

Right before the iPhone is struck

Shawn did not have to retract his arm when Alec slapped the phone down because Alec as seen in the video and in the screenshot above reached across the table proving that the phone was not in Alec’s face, you can also see the phone was hit as Shawn was gesturing in conversation with the phone seen slightly to the right of his left thumb in the above picture.

Alec knocked the phone out of Shawn’s hand, and Shawn crashed through Alec’s booth, put his hands on Alec and grabbed his phone

The phone hit the table and landed on the floor near Alec, Alec picked it up and stopped the recording, Shawn asked Alec multiple times to give his phone back and Alec continued to play with Shawn’s phone despite Shawn’s grabs at it and his requests for Alec to give the phone back.

Alec started calling for security nine seconds before “Shawn crashed through Alec’s booth” and Shawn’s hands went for his phone that was in Alec’s hands and he was not grabbing Alec.

The police arrived and took the statements of both parties, Rob and two dealers who saw Shawn being aggressive with Alec, and defended Alec. One officer took a copy of Shawn’s video, and the other told me that based on the video and witness statements, I was justified in knocking the phone out of his hand.  Both Alec and Shawn were asked to leave the show as that is Dragon Con policy, that both parties in any altercation must leave the show.

Rob either didn’t see the complete incident or was out of sight and Shawn’s video also has a witness who reported what was went down and backed up Shawn’s versions of events so even if Alec had back up it was not all one way traffic for him.

If Alec was justified in knocking the phone out of Alec’s hands then why did the officer ask Shawn what he wanted to do and then explained that he could do a copy of the charges due to covid affecting the jail?

Did anyone notice that Axanar’s report of events went from third person to first person, for example “Alec started calling for security” and “the other told me that based on the video and witness statements, I was justified in knocking the phone out of his hand.” and then back to third person “Both Alec and Shawn were asked to leave the show as that is Dragon Con policy”.

There’s an additional twist, a slight change in the web address resulted in two different versions of one paragraph which you can see for yourself below.

As you can see one version talks about the officer taking a copy of Shawn’s video and said that another officer told Alec that he was justified in knocking the phone out of Shawn’s hand but another version omits doesn’t have that on the page.

“While Shawn claimed he was working for Paul Jenkins, the former director of Axanar who was fired for unprofessional and inappropriate behavior, and whom Alec is suing, Paul denies this fact.  Shawn’s badge was also not that of a vendor or artists, proving Shawn was, as usual, not telling the truth

Shawn had shown Alec his pass but he did not mention Paul by name or that he was working for META during the verbal exchange, this information or the implication of such information may of come from other sources online.

“Alec is following up with the local courts to get a Temporary Protective Order for him and Crysstal as well as a concealed carry permit for a firearm, as it is very clear that Shawn is a deranged stalker who is dangerous to other people.  Alec is also filing a complaint with the FBI for stalking.”

The Temporary Protective Order process was started as reported by Reece Watkins at TRTAA at around 8am AEST on September 9 so we’ll see what unfolds from all of that, only time will tell.

Next up is a slab of text about the laws concerning stalking, as I am not an American I cannot comment on the stuff.

Lastly, Axanar turns its attention towards Paul Jenkins.

In addition, Alec plans to serve discovery on Paul Jenkins, the former Axanar director who Alec is suing for fraud, libel and copyright fraud (Paul falsely claimed he was the sole author of the Axanar script Alec wrote, and he and Paul edited).  There is a question as to whether Paul conspired with Shawn in this stalking incident, as Shawn claimed he was working for Paul at the convention.  Paul is now claiming that is not true, so Alec’s attorney will be serving discovery and questioning Paul during his upcoming deposition to see if Paul Jenkins enabled and conspired with Shawn.”

Shawn is adamant that Paul had nothing to do with it and states “I intentionally didn’t tell him that I was going to do this (the event) because he would have said don’t and because I didn’t want him associated with it.

As for Axanar’s claim of “Shawn claimed he was working for Paul at the convention. Paul is now claiming that is not true“, there doesn’t appear to be any posts or comments anywhere where Shawn claimed he was working for Paul at the convention and there’s no sign of Paul saying that it is not true, I will revise this finding if it turns out that confirmation came from elsewhere.


This encounter was bound (not had to happen) to happen some day otherwise the two sides would have called each other cowards until the end of their lives plus with Shawn and Alec going to the same conventions either as a fan or a vendor etc. they would have bumped into each other eventually.

Could things have been different at Dragon Con? Absolutely

Shawn could of just said Alec instead of Coward or just said “Here I am! How you doing?” instead of singing and handing Alec the Facebook post that Alec had made that fat shamed people and boasted about fighting abilities.

I guess when somebody insults you repeatedly online and you are face to face with them, you could get hot headed and do something that is considered not so flash and both parties went over their limits and now it is going to court.

It is hard to know what you’re going to do until you are there in that moment, you may think you’re going to do something and when the moment arrives you end up doing something else and it could have a positive or negative outcome.

People are already claiming video doctoring but there is no evidence of the footage being edited, both videos match the events at the booth word for word and gesture for gesture, there’s no way that Alec could be made to look worse and no way to make Shawn look better or vice versa.

Axanar’s claims largely do not match what is presented in the video as they are either exaggerated or there is seemingly no evidence of events taking place (e.g. the last paragraph of their statement), they also did not show the post that Alec made that he was being confronted about to add context to the situation.

I do not believe that Shawn flew out to Atlanta just to be face to face with Alec, you don’t hang around a convention for days just to see somebody for two minutes, it is a waste of time and money and people usually just go in, do what they want to do and step on the gas to get the heck out of there.

I do not believe that anybody will be making any future face to face visits with somebody from “the opposite side”.

Do I think that another confrontation between Alec and Shawn will happen? Probably not unless Alec calls Shawn’s kids the “Hitler Youth” again or do something to upset him.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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