MTM Wrap (21/9/21)

September 21 2021

After a couple of days of rapid posts about what happened in Atlanta, things are settling down which is good.

On the legal front there is nothing to report until October because that’s when Alec and Shawn will state their case to the judge in Georgia, both fellas are staying quiet on the matter which is a wise decision because now is not the time to do something stupid.

Supporters are on the look out for anything that smells of Alec or Shawn making people post comments or make posts for them, if anybody is they should stop before they get dragged into legal things but it is unlikely that it is happening.

Peace efforts between members of After Axanar and AxaMonitor were attempted in recent days, some think that After Axanar is just Carlos & Shawn Monitor and some people don’t think highly of the others because of personal reasons.

Not everyone sings from the same song sheet in the Axanar world, you’ll find that out no matter what think in regards to Axanar, for example for every fan who believes Alec Peters 100% there is somebody who will support Alec but will not agree with him 100% of the time and the same goes on for AxaMonitor etc. as not everyone will wholeheartedly back Shawn or Carlos etc.

Axanar reports that cameras will roll on November 20-21 this year, people will be very pleased to hear that as it looks like the journey will be over and done with in 2022, some are not convinced Axanar will reach the finish line but I believe it will, it cannot go on and on forever as people will just lose patience and jump ship no matter how bad they want Axanar.

There was some interesting bits in the post, most of it was already talked about in the Axanar update that was made private shortly after it finished.

Paul didn’t pay attention to how the actors looked on camera and JG Hertzler looked awful and his costume was a mess.  We certainly can’t have Sam Travis looking disheveled!

No offence but those uniforms were going to look a mess no matter who directed the footage and who was on set and who was wearing them, they weren’t going to look as smooth as a freshly made road.

Take a look at this shot from Interlude, the uniforms are wadded up in parts like a Stock Car taking a hard hit to the bonnet (hood) at Bristol or Daytona, the slightest movement would of messed the uniforms up so it is nobody’s fault and that’s just that.

Its really important that we have people with deep experience who aren’t trying to use Axanar to advance their careers.

Again no offence but people like Christian, RMB and Paul did not need Axanar to boost their careers, they already had good careers and have continued to do well since leaving Axanar behind, this is all just plain, simple demonizing that happens when many relationships go sour after a period of being all lovey dovey.

Meanwhile more and more Interlude material has been posted in recent times, Interlude Confidential is up to No. 21 as readers and viewers find out more about the filming process, all the nuts and bolts and the bits and pieces that went into Interlude are there.

Jonathan also wrote about toxic fandom, there is division in Star Trek fandom and it really makes no sense, there is no requirement to like every second of Star Trek, a fan is free to choose what they like and what they don’t like and they should respect a persons decision on what they like or dislike.

If you like a show or a movie, you like it
If you don’t like a show or a movie, you don’t like it

Respect the choice people make on whether they like or don’t like something on screen and they should respect what you like or what don’t like on screen and leave it at that, life is just better that way.

You got to admire film and television people, they are trying to satisfy seven billion people and that’s a heck of a lot of pressure on them and you got devoted people going tsk tsk tsk if things are not up to their standards but something not up to their standards may be the standards of somebody else, it must be hell on earth despite a good pay cheque.

That’s just some of the stuff going on in the Axanar world at this moment.

Until next time, be good to each other.


2 thoughts on “MTM Wrap (21/9/21)

  1. Paul was the director…… really wasn’t HIS job to insure wardrobe had been properly fitted. That would have fell on the producers……who is that? Hmmmmm. When Paul showed up everything should have been ready to roll.


    1. It would be interesting to know if work has gone into the uniforms since 2019, they will just have the issue again if they haven’t.

      I think it was only an issue because Paul got fired, you don’t see Interlude’s director being kicked around for the same issue.

      It’s interesting Axanar’s latest update again talks about sub-standard work when in October 2019 the work was crowed about and was for several months afterward.


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